Instructions. {poetry}




Liken it to breathing.

It’s not hard, it isn’t even easy.

It just is,

You just are.


Ask yourself: Who told you it was hard?

Who’s trying to convince you that it’s a struggle?

Was it them?

Before you listen — How happy are they?


And before you let your thoughts expel themselves to stardust,

Edit them.

Make them look like your future,

Do this consciously

Do it until you no longer have to think about it

Change your thoughts,

Then let them go

And let it be.


Watch it change you

Do this as many times as it takes for you to believe.

See as they disappear,

And watch us emerge in front of your eyes;

The Thinkers,

The Sayers,

The Doers and the Makers,

The Light-Hearted Ones

Know that you are one of us.


Feel it all fall into place, with an almost perceptible click

Know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be

If it’s hard to believe, look down;

See that the sand is shaped perfectly around your feet

Know that your legs brought you here

Realize that they can take you anywhere.


Feel it changing,

Know that you’re the reason why

Recognize and revel in the perfection of it.

Look at your moment,

If it seems imperfect, look harder.


Fall in love with everyone you see and everything you touch

They are perfect too.

Think of where you are when you feel it

You know what I mean.


Go there

Keep going,

Keep feeling it

Grow so accustomed to the feeling that you can pinpoint it in your daily routine.

Change your days to bring you to those moments more often

Soon often won’t be enough,

Make it always.

Watch your world open up.


When you witness the perfection, think of how you got there,

What were you doing right before, what were you thinking of?

Do more of that. Think more of that.

Fill yourself with it,

Then give it away.


Be filled with so much love that it lights up your eyes and pours from your lips

Know that it’s a renewable resource

You are an endless basin of light

You’re made up of the stuff, after all.


If it is a canvas, walk closer until it’s the only thing you see.

If it’s a book, let the breeze turn the pages

If it’s a melody, turn it up

And when you feel it must be magic, know that you are right.

Trust in your ever expanding moment.


Watch it all move with a grace that would be impossible unless this were all a dream

Understand it is a dream

Understand it is your dream

What does it look like?


Realize it is your artwork.

Look down at your hand,

See that it is your fingers holding the brush, the pen, the match.

Lift your arm,

Let it ignite.



Kasandra Cook is a writer and a dreamer who can be found chasing stories and wishes along new coasts. She is enchanted by the desert, the sea, and the land and people in between them. Kasandra’s writing takes inspiration from the circular style of storytelling of the Wampanoag people with whom she spent the summers of her youth. In 2012, she rediscovered her love of prose amidst the Joshua Trees. When her hands have not taken up pen they might be found propelling her into — then saving her from — a too advanced hand balance, holding up a little-known memoir, pulling the perfect shot of espresso, covered in dirt in the garden or paddling their way through the sea at sunrise, but usually they’re just petting the dog of a stranger.


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