The Art Of Poetry Is No Longer Lost. {poetry}

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Consume me.

With silence. Stillness. Nothingness.

Untangle me.

From the flushed pink rage; the raw ache at the pit of my soul.

Reimagine me.

Wild, deliberate, stretched from my depths.

Uncork me.

From the confines of life’s altar, this free-falling sensation.

Please me.

Until gratitude is all I will ever know.


A secret murmur asks for fullness, richness, completeness.

A return to whole, once again.

I feel your heart as it keeps the time.

Its constant beat a reminder of the hum.

This ever-present, faithful song; this humble, forgiving force.

It pervades my very existence.

It imbues every minor moment; every tiny space.

Potent pure delirium has me at its envy.

Whisked far away and launched into the sky.

This place is unearthly; it’s the grounds for the divine.


Ricochet me.

From the heights of the deific to the sting of my known reality.

Collapse me.

Unfold the creases; enrich the darkness.

Untap me.

Decipher the language and screen the messages.

Color me.

Abundant with glory and unequivocal love.

Occupy me.

Slowly. Surely. Significantly.


I search for the words and the meaning.

Ripe and ready, immense but heavy.

Softly spoken, loudly heard.

The vibration has me utterly and forever coerced.

Outstretched but closed, I walk the fine line.

Step by step, until the mountain is climbed.

At the summit, I smile.

The view is a collection of every fragment of my imagination.

Unbounded, uncurtained, unfurled.

There is no space for what no longer serves.


Connect me.

To the grandeur, and keep me there, always.

Endure me.

The sad, the lonely, the high, the extraordinary.

Sweep me.

Across the desert plains, across the oceans.

Allure me.

With every potion I possess.

Take me.

To the depths of my core, and there I will stay.


Peace is what I find.

Delivered and reconciled, severed and combined.

Carved into the imperfect fractures.

There is sincere beauty within the hostile.

Accepting of the all that is futile.

There is hope, and better yet, a hidden and unmasked faith.

Creatures of pleasure, deemed unstoppable.

I ridicule no more for I want to explore.

The other way, the way I feared so long.

It’s grey but so much lighter than I previously pictured.


Hold me.

As I venture into solitude.

Shake me.

When I doubt or question anything nameless or mysterious.

Give me.

Trust in truth, belief in the words that want to be seen.

Be me.

Embody all that I am so I can express with only greater knowing.

Leave me.

Here where I now can speak with conviction and certainty.


The heart seeks and then surrenders.

Expression is revealed in its most full and indulgent form.

Deep revelations and whispers of an ethereal kind.

They are silenced no more.

The words will rise, the heart will speak, the world will listen.

The poetic voice resurfaces and finds its home.

The art is no longer lost.

The feelings are only found.



LeahDaviesLeah Davies is a purpose-filled writer, human rights activist and coach for budding wordsmiths, who is driven to cultivate change through our stories. Her conscious communications consultancy Paper Planes Connect is a place to celebrate our difference and to unite in our sameness. Using her experience as a journalist and international development worker, she supports the socially conscious to platform their voice and create change, both big and small. You could contact her via Facebook or Twitter.

MeganGogollMegan Gogoll is a writer, life coach and wild-at-heart poet. Her mission is to work with creative souls who are ready to navigate their true north and reveal their bright shining inner diamond to the world. If you’re ready to live life with passion, purpose and an open heart, connect with Megan at Show Me Your Diamond, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

To indulge creatively and connect with your inner poet, follow #poetic during August on Instagram at @paperplanesconnect and @meegsgogoll.


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