What Are You Worth? It’s Time To Find Out.

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Our lives revolve around our worth and others’ worth.

We, as people, have been taught throughout our lives that some things make some people better than others. We start to see the division even at a young age. Certain kids are bullied, while others rise to the top of the food chain. This does not stop, in fact it only seems to get worse as you move further along in life.

We are made to believe that life is about climbing the ladder, to make more money, to have a glamorous job, to buy more things, to be more beautiful, because somehow these things will make us worth more. The question is, worth more to whom?

There is a reason why people with millions of dollars and a glamorous external life wake up one day and realize there still is something massive that is missing; they still feel worthless. Our society has given us a framework to live out that separates people based on their wealth, age, race, career, success, fame, and so forth.

All of these things are a part of the image, the image that somehow defines our worth as human beings. We then judge other people as being good enough or not, which just is a self-perpetuating cycle for this framework to continue on for ourselves and others.

Firsthand experiences of this sort of judgment have appeared frequently in my life in the past few years. I once had to listen to my closest friend tell me the man I was dating was not someone I should be with because of the social class he grew up in, which he had absolutely no control over.

She told me that some people just should not be with other people, and that I was somehow better than this man whom I loved.

At that moment in time, I had not come to the point of understanding the whole concept of our worth as human beings, and instead of standing up for myself and him, I just listened with this annoying pull in my chest, knowing that something was not right about this, that she was wrong.

Unfortunately, there was nothing I could say because she truly believed some people were worth less than others, but more specifically that I was too good for this man I loved. This way of thinking absolutely stunned me into disbelief; I had no words for her.

Not only did I have to deal with this type of judgment from my best friend, but I also had to deal with years of this from my family, and it still lingers in our interactions from time to time.

I can sit here today and see that this all was part of a grander lesson for me to learn, and now I do have words for her, my family, and every single person who has ever felt like they have been judged worthy or unworthy and who have judged others as well.

If everyone saw what they were already worth, instead of putting enormous pressure on themselves and others by always stressing and working towards building up their image with a certain college degree, money, glamour, a specific career or other external things because that is what they believe proves their worth, life would become a little less exhausting.

We are already worth it because we are God, we are each sparks of the creator, of the source of all, placed in human vessels to live out God’s creation. We all are truly parts of the creator, and when that realization comes, so does freedom from all the pressures our society has pushed upon us.

Once we all recognize that all-encompassing truth, that there is nothing to prove, the pressure is off. The world will just slow down a bit.

We are all worth so much, and that worth does not depend on how much money you have, the type of job you have, the color of your skin, the type of family you grew up in, what you look like, even how your personality is. All of these things somehow deem you worthy or unworthy of someone else’s love or attention, and it is not right.

This simple shift in perspective would not only stop people from feeling like they aren’t good enough, it would also stop the opposite side of the spectrum, that you are too good for certain individuals or somehow worth more than others because of social status.

This, right now, is where we are wrong in this world, and I have gotten to, as everyone has, experience that wrongdoing. I think it is about time we make it right.



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