What If Kindness Was Cool?



What if kindness was cool? What if compassion was popular, and what if consoling a stranger was expected, and not the exception?

What if we lived in a world where every time someone was sad or lonely, depressed or despondent, they knew that help was hiding in the heart of everyone around them? What if people were obsessed with giving selflessly instead of taking selfies?

What kind of world would that be, and how do we get there?

I’m not sure, but I want to find out.

I am trying to make kindness cool, and I’m trying to build a community that connects with one another, a community that proves the world is filled with good people doing good things and that you can do them too.  I’m trying to help people feel less alone.


Because the world breaks my heart every day.

We live in world where vulnerability is rare, a world where compassion is endangered and basic human connection is nearly extinct, a world where kindness has become a revolutionary act, and that’s tragic, but we should never waste a crisis.

Have you ever felt lonely?

Have you ever been scared?

Have you ever felt like giving up?

We all have.  We’ve all been there before, and we’ll be there again, and when we’re there we need help.  The biggest truth and tragedy in life is that we are all uniquely the same.  We’ve all needed a helping hand or a hug or a kind word.

So what are you going to do about it?

Will you help a stranger?

Will you be brave?

Will you be kind?

I recently gave a TEDx talk and I answered some of these questions, but my talk is not just me talking.  It’s my heart and soul and passion presented on a platter and served up raw, fiery, and fierce.

It’s who I am and what I bleed, everything I stand for and strive towards, a rallying cry, a rebel yell, a manifesto and a creed, a kicking, screaming plea to please help change the things I see. I believe that we must improve the world, I believe that we will do it together, and I believe that kindness has a pivotal role to play in that process.

So, here’s my talk.

Here’s me ranting and raving about the state of the planet and what we can do about it.  Here’s me on a stage showing you my soul and hoping that we can make a difference.

Life is hard and it’s scary and it’s overwhelming, and I feel it every day.  We all do.  But if we can face that fear together, something beautiful will happen: Things will change, life will improve, and the world will slowly get better.

So let’s do that.


Long Distance Love Bombs
Jeremy Goldberg (Long Distance Love Bombs) is trying to make kindness cool and the world better than it was yesterday. He's also a kindhearted marine biologist with a punk rock spirit and an urge to live the shit out of his life. You could join him on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy. You can also send him some love via email or sign up for his newsletter.
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