Do You Feel That Burning Desire To Be A Part Of The Global Change?



Oh, it sits inside your gut, your chest, your pumping heart; the wherewithal of promise and romantic interludes and desirable notions of sand angels side by side.

There is an inspiration that never leaves, walking along and sensing the warmth of your hand cupped ever so softly into mine, as we notice the trappings of a concrete jungle and yearn for the balmy blue sea that rolls onto the shore of white sand, slices of raging waterfalls from nearby lush volcanoes, and rainbows of color so vivid after a rainstorm that our deep breaths have already left our bodies and we need to take it all in.

The passion doesn’t stop there. It resides in our hearts, in our collective intellects, in our creative pursuits, in our adventures, and in our abilities to traverse boundaries that lay before us.

What is it about a merging that incites the belly to respond in such a way, where everything that was thought to be ordinary, now turns into an extraordinary blending of all things love? The once normal rising and falling of our breaths are long gone. The magical moons saw to that.

The typical community of questions and conversations scraping the surface of the deep has now moved into a whole new neighborhood. Nothing is the same, nor will it ever be. Our world is but a collective landscape of sincere caring and cherished humans who give a damn.

It burns so low into our souls the escape routes have been sealed off, never to leave room for any more exits. We are a new breed.

I feel wickedly over-the-moon about the prospect of evolution, and not just in the Darwinian sense. We’ve been there. This has everything to do with the emotional and spiritual sphere. Our perception of the earth and her majestic consciousness of pulsating nature is a cause to be reckoned with in our lifetime.

As daily things happen that we have no control over, we sit back, take it all in, and either respond with gratitude, or we get terribly pissed off that it didn’t go our way. Why is this? Why is it that our egos are so desperate for massaging that we mouth off before becoming aware of what is slipping off of our tongues?

Often, the virtual Edit button has merit. With that comes responsibility, to our hearts, to others’ hearts, to the collective, to the planet. It all adds up to a medley of a burn within. Our desire to change within, and ultimately be part of the global change, is capturing more than what any news agencies project or deem worthy.

We are smarter, more in tune, socially aware, and it’s only growing louder.

As we aspire to gain even more understanding of the ripening of our souls, every day will present a newer challenge and a greater obstacle.

How we handle this rapidly fast-paced environment of human comings and goings, from our natural resources to the ability to manifest truth and abundance with the greater good at the core, we humans can only bow to serve each other and do the absolute best we can every single day.

The spaces of the outside domain demand our love and respect and kindness to maintain the fire we hold in our hearts. It is part of the resolution and the evolution of us as a species.

Burn, baby, burn, and do so with kindness, fragility, and a hankering to honor and live in the afterglow.


Gerry Ellen

Gerry Ellen

Gerry Ellen is an author, storyteller, and freelance writer. She is a curious soul of all things meaningful, healthy and heart-centered. When not out and about adventuring in nature, or tending to her work with 8 Paws Wellness, she is probably relaxing with her pup, Scout. She is also a contributing writer for Be You Media Group, MeetMindful, and The Tattooed Buddha. Her work has also been featured in elephant journal and Light Workers World. Her books, Ripple Effects and A Big Piece of Driftwood, are available on
Gerry Ellen