A Traveler Heart’s Search For Home.




Once there was a girl who didn’t know where home was, so she traveled far and wide to find it.

She would catch fleeting glimpses of it in the bustle of a new city, or in the embrace of friends old and new, but even so it always seemed like it was a place just beyond her grasp.

As she traversed the globe, searching for this warmth and light in which she could rest, she often wondered at those she met who seemed to have already stumbled upon their home.

Were they born knowing where they were meant to be? Did they have some sort of knowledge that was a secret from her? Was she unlike them in their contentment because of some flaw of hers?

This girl would think about these things as she walked on red clay beaches or as she pulled her jacket closer against the cold winter wind. She would rest under the shade of a banana tree, and wipe the sweat from her brow as these questions filled her mind.

In rare times of bliss, this girl would find herself so consumed in the moment that these thoughts would leave her and she would feel peace. This could happen as she danced barefoot in the grass under the wide and starry sky, or when she hugged and kissed her loved little ones, and a smile would cross her soul.

She learned that this seemingly everlasting search was both a curse and a blessing.

A blessing, for it was this search for home that brought her across the seven continents. It was what allowed her heart to grow and expand big enough to fit all those who needed a home themselves. It was her motivation and her purpose. What’s more, the present moment was all the sweeter when she was able to stop her racing mind and sink into it.

A curse, because she would tire and wonder if there was ever to be a place of rest for her; a warm room filled with love and light to call her own. So she carried on: walking and running, dancing and being still, yet always moving onward.

Maybe now is the time where there should be a resolution; where this girl fully understands that she carries her home within her. That the miles she has crossed and the love she has shared are the home she is searching for after all. 

She catches glimpses of understanding, whispers of this truth before the questioning swirls back in and fills what before was peace and contentment. It is with these shades of grey that this girl leaves you.

She has to move on from here for she has places to see, more valleys to search, more mountains to climb, all in search of this idea of ‘home’.



SarahLaMoreySarah L can usually be found driving somewhere new with a bag full of books and journals, and preferably something tasty to eat for when she arrives. She dreams of a world where all people can live in freedom without fear or hate. She pursues this dream through her art, work and writing. Her insatiable curiosity for all places and people have led her around the world — most recently, Kigali, Rwanda, where she volunteered with a peace organization. Soon she will turn her sight’s stateside and continue her journey back in the Northern Hemisphere. 


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