The Wonderful Unfolding Of Surrender.



Surrender is not allowing things to happen to you. It is in the allowing of things to happen for you.

Surrender is a wonderful unfolding.

It’s the active participation in allowing. It is the silence of an active prayer, the motion of a meaningful wave that pushes you toward a shore you had never thought of visiting. It is the truth of where you are outside of the expectations you had created.

It’s the realization that everything you once thought of as being bad happening to you actually led you to somewhere wonderful. It’s the mindful honoring of a present moment that is never as bad or good as you think, the observation that destruction is the link between the end and the beginning of things, a link that makes a line come full circle.

It’s the wild notion that you are okay, even when you stand in the darkest of places. It’s the crazy idea that you can have fun even if you are free-falling without a parachute. Fear is the anticipation of the uncertain end, an emotion that hides the wonderful experience of the clouds, of the air rushing past your face, of the flight you are free to feel.

We all land. Life isn’t just about the cliff or the ground, it’s about the space between the two. Fly, my friends, and live each moment of the fall.

Head in the direction that makes you feel, well, like you want to feel. To hell with me, and those like me, who tell you how to feel. If you are happy, be happy. If you are angry, be angry. Don’t apologize unless you want to, unless the apology is who you are. Disregard me, and live your life the way you want. Surrender. Let it go. Fall.

Or don’t. Hold on to that piece of ground like it’s all you’ll ever have. Because it is all you’ll ever have. Honor that cliff like it’s the oft-promised heaven. Just please get out of the way of those seeking to jump. Allow them too, even if your mind wants them grasping dirt with you.

Love lets them go, or lets them cling, or lets them fall, or keeps them firmly anchored to the ground. Surrender is love, and love is a wonderful unfolding. I love you, so stay on the sand if you wish, or climb the mountains with me. Wherever you are or whatever you do, I will love you.

I will watch your unfolding with complete ambiguity. It’s yours, enjoy it regardless of me.

I miss the dolphins jumping, but I see the prairie dogs play. I miss the song of the ocean waves, but I hear the bubbling of the mountain stream. I miss you, but know you are always wherever I look.

You are my friend, my love. You are a piece of me as sure as the air I breathe. As my body adapts to the place I now stand, I see a mountain I will climb. And that one over there. And that one. I will get closer to the sky because I’ve surrendered, because it’s unfolded in the way it was always meant to.

I’ve simply stayed out of the way, actively and with purpose.

And it’s wonderfully unfolded to the highest cause, to my soulful purpose, to the spaces I’ve honored with time and will someday grace with my presence.

I see you in the trees and kiss you with my face pointed at the sun. I sing to you in my silence, and pray for you in the surrender that I seek. It’s all so very cool.

I touch you in the easy trail and embrace you in the handhold that helps me up the steeper slope. You will feel me, in the sand between your toes and know me in the cooling caress of the ocean’s tides. Perhaps the two will meet one day, or perhaps they already have.

Now, off I go. There’s another trail I’ve yet to climb. I need to go there, yet I’m not sure why. I don’t care, I’ve given in to the call. What awaits me is nature’s mystery, what I feel is my own.




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