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What If Babies Were The Leaders Of The World?



I was sitting on the train last week, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a grown man making funny faces at his little baby.

The child sat in its pram, smiling and giggling. I watched this man, on a semi-crowded train, lost in the simple task of being silly, just to see the face of his infant child light up at his actions.

I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing if babies were the leaders of the world?”

I had this thought, and suddenly believed that we had childhood and adulthood all backwards. I started to imagine how it would be if babies were the true leaders and we all followed their example.

Firstly, babies have no job or financial responsibilities. They are free to dedicate 100% of their time to leading.

Babies wouldn’t need to lead through fear, intimidation, well placed press campaigns, or even charisma, but through the simple fact of them being helpless. Anything that might put our health at risk, and therefore our ability to adequately take care of our helpless leaders, would have to be cut out of our lifestyle.

We would probably exercise more, eat less crappy, junk foods, and consume less alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

We all know babies like to sleep a lot, and through this example, maybe we’d learn how important rest is. Maybe we would stop killing ourselves for money, stop exhausting our energy in pursuit of material happiness, and simply come home and sleep.

And yes, there are nights when babies don’t sleep, when they keep their parents up all night, exhausting them, but it would be okay because you wouldn’t have to go to work the next day, and no sick note would be needed.

All you would have to do is call your boss and say that you were up all night taking care of one of the leaders of the world, so you won’t be in today as they are finally asleep and you are about to join them. 

We wouldn’t have to worry about babies spending the country’s money as they don’t need fancy clothes, expensive cars, or luxury holidays. They just need simple clothing, love, care and attention.

Maybe this would make us take a long hard look at the things we actually need. If our helpless leaders can survive without so much, then why can’t we? Especially as we’re actually aware and able to take care of ourselves. Why would we need more than our leaders?

World leader meetings would not be affairs where country politics, the economy, laws or spreading of the countries funds are discussed, but they would be times of selfless, inspired gift-giving, food, smiles, and quality time spend with family, friends and loved ones.

We all know that nothing brings people together in a loving way more than a newborn baby.

Babies would not have to give long speeches to try and inspire their people, as they are naturals at inspiring wonder and appreciation for life. To watch a baby learn to move, smile and giggle for the first time makes you stop and contemplate how wonderful the simple things in life are.

Everything to a baby is the most amazing thing in the world.

They don’t need computer games, blockbuster movies, or to be entertained with technology. They find pleasure and wonder and happiness in simple games of peek-a-boo, or simply lifted into the air and bounced on a knee.

They are amazed by the simple fact that we have hands and feet that we can move and control just by thinking. Watching them learn to grab, sit, crawl and walk, is an awe-inspiring time, and maybe we’d start to marvel everyday at our own ability to walk, talk, sing, dance, and make each other smile and laugh just by pulling a silly face.

Maybe we’d wake up every morning and take a minute to stare at our hands and feet, wiggle our toes and play with our fingers, fascinated by our own miraculous selves.

Pollution, war and fighting would all have to become things of the past, as they would most definitely pose too much of a threat to our leaders upbringing.

Plus, leaders ultimately decide on going to war but I think babies would be too busy sleeping to even start any.

Maybe we’d have more story-time, build more playgrounds instead of factories, plant more trees instead of paving roads, and take better care of animals so our leaders can grow up to see and learn.

To cherish women would become our life. To look after our sisters and daughters, mothers and aunties, the past, present and future birth givers of our leaders.

Babies would also be truly neutral.

They have no prejudice and no ego. They are completely untouched by the trappings of greed, jealousy, hate, or other negative emotions we allow to drive us in adulthood.

Babies hold no grudges and have not experienced betrayal or lies yet. They represent what every person and country needs at some point — a complete, clean slate and fresh start.

Babies also have true power, which they don’t obtain through the threat of military force, scandal or money, but through simply existing.

Only a baby can put a woman through nine months of pain and aches, and hours of labor, only to instantly and completely fill her with joy the moment they’re born.

Only a baby can make the toughest men you’ve ever met turn into soft-talking, silly-face-making, happy clowns, who’ll play peek-a-boo on a semi-crowded train full of strangers without caring what anyone around thinks of them.

And when the babies grow into kids who can finally feed, dress and take care of themselves, there would be no farewell ceremony, no speeches given, no need to ask them to step gracefully down.

No. Instead they would just be given a ball, or a bike, or meet up with other former leaders, and with a smile told, “Thank you, you can go outside and play now.”

I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of leader I’d definitely want to follow.



Emanuel AdelekunEmanuel Adelekun is a writer and a filmmaker, as well as a hip-hop-culture-loving warrior-b-boy. Always honest, he talks too much, always has an opinion, and tends to push people, but that’s okay with him because he has accepted that he’s a wild, fiery spirit who believes in true self-expression. He follows the path of always striving to develop, improve and better understand the frequency on which his soul vibes, making this his way of life. In the end, he believes in keeping it simple: stay open, live to explore, experience, and enjoy the moment. Cherish your mistakes, always be a student, don’t take shit from anyone, and treat others how you would like them to treat you. Through his words, Emanuel hopes to make connections with other similar souls, and maybe open people to something more inside themselves. You could contact Emanuel via his websiteInstagram or Facebook.


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