Your Heart Is A Wild Woman.



Your heart is a wild woman.

Remember this when you are afraid, when you feel backed into a corner, when you feel as though there is no one on your side and you have been abandoned in the dark and ugly chaos of the world.

Your heart is a wild woman; let her love with a ferocity that is ancient and profound. Do not apologize for your loyalty, for your passion, for your trust and your blind optimism. Do not apologize for believing wholeheartedly and unashamedly in the magic that is presented to you by the Universe.

When they mock you, when they abuse you, when they berate you, you must not feel shame. You must rise from their fire, as all eternal things rise, having been cleansed by their hatred and ignorance, you must go forth and love as you are meant to love: with everything that you are.

Your heart is a wild woman; you must walk in a way that is fearless, and you must seek out knowledge that will feed your curious soul.

You must find your way to lands that you remember, but you have never been. You must hear the voices of all of the mothers who have come before you. Remember their wisdom, feel it in your aching arches and tired bones. Feel it in the deep pain of injustice that has nested in your ribs like a raven that has lost her way.

Do not be afraid to open up your breast and release her back into the wilderness where the earth will heal her.

Your heart is a wild woman, and you must let her dance so uninhibitedly that sparks fly from her heels. Let her soar with a lightness that comes from realizing how eternal we are, how we cannot be created or destroyed — just re-birthed over and over still to exist, and to learn and to love.

Your heart is a wild woman, and you must let her be angry.

You must let her lash out. You must let her feel every sharp needle of pain and disappointment, and you must let her rage like a force of nature. When it is over and she has consumed herself and wounded the feelings of others, you must help her to realize her error and to learn from it so that she may grow into greatness.

You must never let her hate herself; you must never let her feel embarrassment.

Let her learn; if you do nothing else, let her learn and let her know that your love for her is much deeper than anger and sadness.

Your heart is a wild woman; let her live fully in the knowledge that she is beautiful. Let her know that she is enough, existing as she is in this moment in time — a reflection of the stars themselves. She holds the power and the perfection of the Universe inside of her. It is a perfection that is not perfect at all, but one that is deeply flawed.

And in her darkest moments, when she no longer feels wild, when she feels lost and low and ugly, remind her of all of the wonders that are encased in her flesh; remind her that she has exploded into existence, a force to be reckoned with, and that she is loved in a way that is rebellious and unconditional.



BrieannaLewis02Brieanna Lewis is a self-proclaimed poet, tarot goddess, witchy woman, and small dog enthusiast. Hailing from a rural town in upstate New York, she spends her days writing, mastering social media, working at a local newspaper and raising two fur babies. Brieanna has embarked upon a journey to find her inner wild woman as well as to live her poetic truth.


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