I Cloak Myself In Black & I Am Unafraid Of The Dark.



Under the advisement of those who walked in the shadows before me, I blacken and encircle my eyes with the darkest of charcoals. Aesthetically beautiful, of course, but done so that the knowledge of the Universe might present itself more clearly.

I cloak myself in midnight, I remain unafraid of the dark. I welcome her secrecy and revel in the rustling trees heavy with the dew of the pending dawn. Wrapped in the blackest of garments, I absorb all of the energy about me. With each centering breath, I prepare myself to take on the world.

Drenched in the luxury of the dark, I focus precisely on my purpose. Deflecting negativity, I gather myself, my robes, my shadows, my familiars and journey to alpha.

In this space I am surrounded by the elements, in command of all that is unseen. I turn card after card and page after page seeking guidance from behind the veil. The arcana leads me down a trusted path while the literary commands uttered by the pioneers of science ensure my success.

With the melody of my hero vibrating in my heart, she is like a cat in the dark…, I beckon the power within myself to pursue my destiny. As above, so below endlessly uttered from these wine-drenched lips. From the depths of my being I bring forth strength, faith and power.

I work with plumes of smoke; they dance and morph into shades of amethyst and jade. In my mind’s eye, the lotus blooms, the moon beckons and the stars manifest a path to prosperity. My book of shadows heavy with my dreams, my failures and my story, quakes under my fingertips.

With each breath, I banish can’t and won’t as blasphemy. The one truth I steadfastly cling to is that the magick lies only in the do. This path is not easy nor for the weak of mind. Your heart must be strong and ever unbreakable. One must fight the pitchforks with handfuls of dragon’s blood and jet, words and spirit at the ready.

Few will understand, many will question. We translate the runes; we transmute opportunity and sprinkle mystery with every step we take. All who cross our paths are left drunk on wonder; full of hope and perhaps even charged with a destiny they are not prepared to assume.

My cohorts are children of indigo, sisters of the moon, and sons of the great beyond. We are seekers of wisdom written on parchment in sigils and languages long lost. We carry the torch for those who were rendered to ashes and for the innocent left to swing from the branches of Salem.

They were not even of our cloth, simply caught in the web of panic and ego.

Label me what you will, I don’t care for your terms. I am a being of light, bearing water for the thirsty. I am an enigma from a realm you couldn’t find with a map. I smile in the face of your false judgment and your misguided psalms. I am not your enemy, I am not your equal; I am all that you wish you could be.

I am freedom defined, love incarnate, awake in the face of torment.

The future is mine to welcome wrapped in the warmth of my shadows, held by the presence of my peers, accompanied by incantations and echoes of that screeching black bird flying overhead.


Amanda BoschAmanda Bosch is a south Florida resident. A writer… an Aquarius… a California Girl. Vegetarian, dog rescuer and animal advocate. Slightly obsessed with horror movies and watching MMA fights. Just a simple girl.


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