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The Adventure Of Awakening: The Path Less Traveled.



The path least traveled, the path of awakening is not an easy road. It has so many twists and turns it’s unlikely you will ever know exactly which way you are headed.

It’s like a speeding train, going so fast that if you don’t jump on quickly, you will be stuck next to the tracks, overwhelmed and lost while watching the magic as it passes you by.

The word awakening to me means just that: awake. It’s something that’s already in you — just asleep, waiting for you to nudge, rattle and slowly bring it to consciousness. You don’t have to get there or try for it, it’s inside you just waiting to be seen, acknowledged and nurtured. Waking it up however is the hard part.

How do you awaken that part of you, so deep, so covered in darkness that it may have never seen the light or only in slivers? Never even been thought of, paid attention to or possibly even seen? How do you even know where to begin on awakening something you seemingly know nothing about?

This is the struggle, the part of the spiritual path that makes people turn back. It’s the crossroads of the self. This crossroads, and the perception of the path less traveled, is what facilitates the attacks. Attacks of the fears, the doubts and those preprogrammed and societally imposed parts of you.

Entities, energies, the ego, anything and everything that has an investment in you not waking up, will rise and do what ever it can to stop you, change your direction and soothe you back to sleep. If you wake up, you will change; if you change, you will inspire; if you inspire, others change; if others change, the world changes.

There are too many negative things out there, that want to keep us small, quiet and within the matrix of our self-centered existence. To be able to keep us small means we have no voice, and no control and no option for real worldly change.

The spiritual path of awakening is not a straight line, a one-way direction, a one-way highway with flowers, butterflies, and mountaintops. You must dig deep — deep into your core, the depths of your soul, your past, your fears, your lies. You must uncover and discard the darkness that’s been weighing you down.

You must face, see and abandon everything you thought to be true, all the things you’ve been taught and all the beliefs you held. You must be open to seeing things from a different perspective. A controlled perspective of mindfulness, a perspective of love and of peace.

A control you honed, you practiced, through Yoga, your intuition, mediation and anything connecting you to the magnificent spirit of all things. Not a control from the outside world and not that of what others have told you.

Besides the pain that comes from seeing the truth — the real Truth and reality as it actually is — you lose other things along the way. Things you held precious, things you thought indestructible. Friends, family, and beliefs you held so close.

“That is the real spiritual awakening, when something emerges from within you that is deeper than who you thought you were.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Although this seems like the worst thing imaginable, it is actually the most freeing and powerful thing there ever could be. Imagine no doubt of who you are and what you are here to do. No confusion on your purpose or posture in this world. Even if you are physically doing nothing you feel like you are a part of everything.

You see things differently. You feel things differently. You never feel alone, as you are always guided and protected. You hear the trees, talk to the birds, and true magic is bestowed upon you.

It’s a rebirth. A continuous and constant rebirth — this is the adventure! These are the rewards and the joy of the spiritual path. To know that nothing will look and feel the exact same from day to day. To know that you are powerful! Powerful enough to access the flow of the Universe. To feel, manifest and live whatever way you want.

It’s not controlled by others or the restrictions of this physical world. It’s all energy and all for the taking. It is your perspective that stops you from living your dreams, and being a part of your true and awakened self. Your perspective of what change really means and how it really feels.

We fear change, afraid of not getting what we think we want or afraid of what we think we will lose. How can you fear such a thing, when you have no way of knowing what that will actually be like? That’s why we fear change, not because of how it actually is, but how we perceive it will be.

I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve listened to those trees, talked to those birds and experienced true magic of energy and the vast Universe. I’ve seen the power of energy and manifested amazing things in my life I never thought possible.

I just started by taking small steps, one at a time, changing one thought, focusing on one mantra, paying attention to one flower and slowly moving towards the light and all that is.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

What if you took one tiny step towards the adventure of awakening? What if you started by viewing it as an adventure instead of a liability? What if you decided to wake up tomorrow?

What if you decided tomorrow that you would perceive the world just a little bit differently, and instead of avoiding change and struggle, embrace it, lean into it, and go towards it? That’s it, that’s all it takes. Tiny nudges to wake that deep part of you.

Slowly those nudges become shakes, shakes become rattles, and rattles become the beautiful light of your spirit — your soul, your truest and highest self.



BeckyBecky Hernandez (The Misfit Yogi) is an intuitive healer, freedom writer, guided meditator, yogi and life experience seeker. She believes that all is magic, and magic is all there is. She is currently trying to embrace the path of most resistance. You could contact her via her website or Instagram.


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