To The One I Truly Believe In.

{Photo credit: Jason Redman}

{Photo credit: Jason Redman}

All I really long for is someone to make time for, as we look into each others eyes & listen… really hearing our souls speak.

To feel, smell and wrap up around, to kiss and hold close. To drift off to sleep with and wake up beside. A kindred spirit to encourage me to meditate, practice, write, paint and push myself harder than I do myself, as we equally drive each other to become the best version of ourselves.

I wish for an equal to share conversations, hikes, travels, fun times and challenges with. Someone to trust with the sometimes fragile, sometimes fierce, state of my heart. I want to know I am their person, as they are mine; with no questioning, jealousy… just intuitive awareness and consciousness.

I want someone to let go with and work hard beside, as we strip away the layers we have built around us exposing our most radiant light and deepest darkness from within. Sharing with each other and the world the courageous radiance gained from the acceptance and non-judgment we exude with each other.

Every expression comes back to the essence of pure love — the expression of the human spirit at its highest level. No expectations, no conditions, no past, no future… just being in the moment, each as they come. I am deserving of all of this, as are you… the one that I truly believe in.

For now I turn within… to that place that brings clarity amidst confusion and nourishment more complete than any outside source. I find contentment despite any disappointment or lacking I feel in the constructs of my mind and emotions.

From that place of divine knowing and unlimited power I can reset, recharge and shift my perspective, remembering I have a choice to invite suffering or joy. This space builds my confidence as I become unwavering in my highest purpose and greatest truth, so never to settle for anything less in my relationships with those around me.

I believe that each experience has brought me to this place of love and trust in myself. I am both the vessel and that which is contained. I am the abstract concept and the final expression. I am the single entity and the culmination of all that is. I am the definition yet cannot be defined. I am you as you are me… and we are all of this.

From the stillness and peace within me I gain insight that allows me to pull that calm energy into any chaos or stormy weather that may rise up around me. I create each moment as I wish and arrange my interactions based introspective response rather than base reaction.

This is my work each day… setting aside time to turn inward to the sanctuary of my heart where I am always resplendent and serene, while saving a space in this center for the possibility of a counterpart who has, is and will continue to do the daily work as I do.

That one I truly believe in, other than myself.



Sara RhinelanderSara Rhinelander is a student, a teacher, a mother, a yogini, a philosopher, an anthropologist and a lover of life. She has been a Yoga practitioner for over two decades, and a Yoga teacher, something that continues to enrich her own life, for over a decade. She is registered through Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500. Her heart will always have a place in the majestic mountains of North Carolina, but she now lives in Traverse City, MI, with her four children. She is a climber, a snowboarder, a hiker, a SUPer, a lover of nature and the outdoors. When she is not teaching or practicing Yoga, you will find her in her kitchen cooking organic vegetarian fare, in the middle of a forest or somewhere around or in the water. She believes life is a blessing, she trusts in love, an unconditional open heart, in finding the strength to get up each time she is knocked down on her path, and putting herself back together again, stronger and wiser than before. She truly believes in the absolute perfection of the present moment. You can find her on Facebook here or here.



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