Manifesto Of Bridges Burnt: Cutting Your Losses And Moving On.



When we hold on to things that have let go of us, it cripples our soul. We recycle the same grief and hurt, never realizing that life is simply asking you to release your grip.

Some come into our lives for a minute, month or lifetime, but only your heart can determine how long they will stay.

Holding on to you requires me to lose myself, loving you diminishes my own worth. I can no longer squash myself for your comfort, deny my truth for your sanity.

At first our hearts beat in the same direction, now it is replaced with distance. I cannot reconcile the murmurs of your heart, inklings I have never before felt within my own chest.

My departure is not one of hatred, but of love. I can no longer live a lie and I am unable to settle for less than my worth. My spirit is on the move and I must follow its call.

I refuse to pretend that we can grow together, to deny all that’s left are hollow memories and past regrets. I am no longer willing to sacrifice my future in exchange for holding on to your ghost.

I believed you were my forever, that our tomorrows would last. But gradually silence broke my spirit, the emptiness polluted everything we once had. I lost the memory of you in the disparity of your current self. As your truth changed form, mine was lost in translation.

At one point the sound of your laughter was my favorite song, your smile the only light I needed. Our souls merged into one as our similarities became a homecoming. I recognized the light in your eyes, and I followed it all the way home. The journey has now ended, and there are new adventures I must traverse.

Your actions have informed my future, reminding me that they were never congruent with the words you spoke. Your mistruths a remembrance of all the ways I had kept myself small by settling for this love.

My vision has grown clear, and I want more for this life. I am no longer willing to settle for a half-life living in your shadow. At one point you satisfied me, but that day has come and gone. I must walk on my own two feet, even if it is in the opposite direction.

Thank you for the lessons learnt, love shared, and truth revealed. You are a reminder of the person I once was, and how I have grown. Your presence is a subtle funeral, a reminder of the transient nature of this life.

Like the change of seasons, this love has weathered its storms and has not made it to the other side. The light in your eyes is diminished by my presence, which I can no longer deny. Your heart speaks another language and must find its melody with somebody else.

Goodbye, my dear lover, my once kindred soul.

I wish a million beautiful tomorrows, and that you may find your light with another.



CherishOsborneCherish Osborne is a writer from Melbourne, Australia who is using her newfound self-love to set her life on fire. In a former life she studied both Psychology and a Master of Social Work, but discovered she was passionate about holistic healing and working with women on their own journey to self-love. Wander over and check out her blog.



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