Trust In The Divine.


Collaboration by Susan Marie and Kathy Anderson



Pregnant and solemn,

sentinel against a blue velvet backdrop,

she sheds light upon this dark Earth

in silent keep

over our weary human souls.

I gaze at her in absolute awe and mystery.

This one moment,

the moon,


Her energy draws me up

and I atone in sleepless nights

of dreaming while awake.

She is pure like fresh fallen snow,

serene and stoic.

My heart bursts,


that I am witnessing

the divine.

She is ageless and old

like the sun inside the shadows,

where I once stood and wept,

for her beauty moved me

to see such perfect grace.

Before my entrance on this plane,

she spoke to me in languages unknown to mankind.

Her silver gown trailed along grasses,


and I begged her to embrace me

like Mother to child.

Light songs emanated from my soul

and whispered

from the lips I adore her with:

the symphony

of the universal consciousness.

Amen to her children on this earthly continuum.

Like roots and limbs of trees

and leaves that sway in the breath of sweet breeze,

the songs that drift

in this most holy night

heal those attuned to her sacred touch,

stitching golden threads

soul to soul

strung as beads

in the mandala of life.

We are blessed by her woven divinity

and unconditional love.

The electrical lines buzz and hum,

static and alive.

My palms are on fire,

begging to touch her face.

 I reach my hands


towards the heavens

to give back

this gift

of healing,

 receiving new eyes to see

ears to hear,

and the illumination

of body and soul


on this majestic night of nights.

My third eye blind

and chakras blocked,

it was as if a thunderbolt


from the death of day

like phoenix


The ashes departed,

the clouds parted,

the dream catcher caught her fish

in nets of sea

surging waves

cresting upon our hearts,

washed fresh

as Spring in mid winters slumber.

I lay in wait as lover,

a gentle kiss

awakening clarity and connection.

 An insurmountable freedom

from all human weight,

my chest is light;

my breath comes slower than before.

Dear Mother Earth,

the distance from you to me

to this glorious wonder

is buzzing up and down my spine

from my sacrum to my axis.

The Earth spins

upon the tips of my fingers

and on this night,

this great golden eve,

I am awake.



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