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Move Like Moonlight On Water: How To Embrace Your Autumn Enchantress.

The enchantress waits like a snake, coiled on the forest floor.

Poised to shed her skin.

She rustles through the browning hedgerow, glistening in the cobweb dew.

Sucking the last of the sweetness from the over-ripe berries.

She moves like moonlight on water, catching stars in the swirling mists of her hair.

Tasting the soft smell of falling rain on the mushrooms and the mosses which blanket the dark earth.

She treads smoothly through the dancing shadows. There is a cool wind on her lips which liberates the leaves from their branches, a flame in her eyes which sets the woods ablaze with autumn fire.

You see her reflection shimmering in the waters of the still lake at dusk, and in the glow of the red harvest moon as it rises in a twilight sky. She sings with the evening song of the blackbird on the last day of the growing sun, and swims in the swirling undercurrents of the ebbing tide.

The enchantress speaks to us in psychic visions and dreams. She weaves a web of golden silk spun from her craft and her wisdom, and invites us to adorn it with the luminous jewels of our wildest imaginings.

She is at ease with herself and the gifts of her miraculous body. She has long learned to pay attention to the cycles of her life as extensions of the rhythms of earth, sea and sky — for she knows that they hold the keys to her personal power.

Perhaps the world is not ready for such divine sensuality. Perhaps her fierce emotions, creative outbursts and fervent need for time alone do not always sit happily with more pleasing aspects of femininity. Perhaps her strange, earthy beauty — her battle scars, her furrowed flesh, her knowing eyes — tell a story which some find unnerving.

But she is done with the pretty things of summer. She has no use for them. She turns and strides dauntlessly into the wild wood where the one-who-knows awaits her, leaving a trail of decaying flowers and leaves in her wake.

The enchantress is the bridge between mother and crone and the embodiment of past efforts come to fruition. She is the keeper of the gateway to the cauldron of forgotten secrets and the dawning of the dark night of the soul.

When we move alongside her we heed the call to create space for stillness. We slow down; we even stop. We allow emotions to move and we express them freely. We cease to fear change. We create with unbounded courage. We embrace the sacred — if often difficult — transitional times in our lives and listen to their teachings. We flow with the tides of our own oceans.

The enchantress calls upon you to align with your truest self. To face your shadows — those parts of yourself which you hide, deny or repress — and to honor your deepest inner needs and desires. To take off your mask and share your most authentic truth — for it is that which is your greatest gift to the world. To turn inwards, let go of the dead growth, sweep away the leaves and join in the transformational dance of Kali, Inanna and Sekhmet.

She beckons you to embrace the nightfall without fear, and to put your trust in the unseen workings of the unconscious.

For without shadow there can be no light; without darkness, no wholeness.

For from great dreaming comes great awakening.

The enchantress waits: she waits for you.

Take off your shoes and walk with her.


CarolineMellorCaroline Mellor lives close to the sea and the green hills of southern England with her daughter, cat, and husband. As well as being a mum, writer and massage therapist, she enjoys traveling, one-pot cookery, gardening, Yoga, and drinking red wine. When not partaking in one of the above, she is probably daydreaming about her next holiday. You can connect with Caroline through her Facebook page or her blog.


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