Vision Of A New Earth.

I envision a world where the veils between dimensions are lifted, and all planes of existence are clearly visible to all of humanity — the heavenly layers intermingling, connecting and complementing each other.

The sacred geometric light show of iridescent colors surrounding us are visible to all, and we clearly see the pure light radiating from each other, the sparkles and most spectacular colors surrounding us, connecting us, and dancing between us as we communicate and connect from the beautiful deep space within our open hearts, with no fear or agenda.

We hear one another with deep presence, coming from a space of pure love, compassion, and divine wisdom.

Humanity is peeled of all the layers of false beliefs and realities that were thrust upon us, or on some level adopted as our own since birth, allowing us to reveal our most precious shining jewel within, which was always whole within us but previously buried.

We have claimed ourselves as love, as we continue retrieving our ancient wisdom and gifts, and we follow our highest heart’s inner wisdom with courage, integrity and truth, living fully aligned with our heart’s deepest desires and dreams as we dance wild and free to the rhythms of the universe, the beating of the ocean waves, the orchestra of nature, the sparkle of life, the love of all of creation.

We have realized the magnificent beauty of life, the divine perfection in everything, a magical touch to every experience, if we are open to seeing…

We are at peace and awakened to the realization that we are one with each other, our brothers and sisters (all-legged, all species), one with all of nature (Planet Earth), the cosmos, the multiverse, and we live in complete integrity with this knowing.

Borders no longer exist, as we have all become conscious and aware of our equality and oneness, of our One Nation on Earth. There is no greed, no hunger, no thirst, no poverty, and no need for anything (including money) as we willingly exchange our personal creations with each other.

Everyone has enough; we share our lives, our hearts, our resources, our gifts freely with the world, and with whomever might benefit from them, expecting nothing in return, while in truth gaining everything in return.

Everyone is fully supported by their communities, and the world at large, in fulfilling the realization of their dreams and heart’s desires, and all are given equal and fair opportunity and resources to express their soul essence in the deepest, most expansive and transparent ways, regardless of culture, past, age; beliefs — because within our pure essence, we are all the same.

Each one of us is an irreplaceable part of the whole, akin to a drop originating from the same sparkling ocean, and we treat each other as we would wish to be treated — with love, respect, acceptance, compassion, honor, and dignity.

There are no authoritarian leaders, politics, cultic organizations, or self-proclaimed gurus who use control and manipulation as a source of power. We have all embraced our divine heart wisdom as our unique and complete law for ourselves alone (which is fully aligned with the highest of universal laws), and we allow our hearts to lead the way as our internal, most powerful compass for life.

We have stepped into our divine power, and discovered that we are our own healer, our own intuitive, our own spiritual guide and teacher, and there is no need for healing, answers or wisdom from external sources. We acknowledge that anything outside us is just an external reflection of our own divinity, and any awakening we might have through another’s presence or wisdom is simply a remembering of what we have always known inside.

We live in integrity as we continue to learn from everyone who crosses our path, each soul a unique reflection and expression of different facets of our divine ocean of Oneness, as we acknowledge and bless each other with love, reverence, and gratitude for the richness of beauty they bring into our lives, the catalysts they are for the further remembering of our inner wisdom, our infinite love, and the journey of expansion we are blessed to experience.

Vehicles, buildings, and homes are powered solely by the four elements. War, animal cruelty practices, EMF’s, pollution, and chem trails are a thing of the past, along with pesticides, vaccines, chemicals, GMO’s, fake food and all kinds of toxicity. We grow our food with love, reverence, and gratitude for the enormous value they contribute to our health, and for their selflessness in providing us with nutrition and energy.

Food becomes our medicine once again, and we harness most of our life force energy from the sun, the moon, the earth, and the love that shines brightly from our core being.

We are fully empowered by the divine love within us which we project to others freely, as it returns to us again in the loop of infinity, with much brighter brilliance than when we radiated it out — the magnificent cycle of love continuing to expand — and through its divine intelligence, co-creates and evolves in a way that is new even to the Universe.

Earth has transcended her old self, and nature is returned to her original pristine state, with unparalleled magnificence to before. The atmosphere, oceans, forests, cosmos, planets, stars, and galaxies are restored, and continue to evolve into something even more spectacular than we’ve consciously known could be possible. New species of wildlife roam the planet, and nature is full of luminescent colors, now visible to the naked eye.

Our deeply profound connection with nature is fully remembered. We communicate with Mother Earth, honoring her with our gratitude and love, as she nurtures, nourishes, grounds, and clothes us. We have remembered that she is us, and we are her, and when we love and protect her, we love and protect ourselves and preserve a home for all future generations, species, and plant life on earth.

We coexist in perfect harmony with our land-based, winged, and aquatic friends, all of nature, and our mother planet as one, once again.

The rigidity of a single set curriculum in schools is no more, and subjects are taught creatively, dynamically — according to the unique learning needs of each individual. The teaching of authentic spirituality, creative expression, connection with nature, sacred geometry, sustainable living and universal laws are given high priority.

Teachers, parents, and communities at large collaborate as one harmonious unit to encourage and support students in discovering their innate passions, gifts, and strengths, facilitating and nurturing the birthing of their unique gifts and abilities, dreams, and soul missions into the world, honoring every student as the Divine magnificent universal beings they are.

Now, this, to me, is Heaven on Earth. Will you join me in dreaming this vision into a solid reality on the earth plane? As a unified whole, we can make this — and so much more — happen!



JessicaIshizuka02Jessica Eagle Whitefeather is a mother of three beautiful earth angels. She is a mystic, intuitive, visionary, and an 11:11 portal. She works with the Elohim, her Spirit guides and Cherokee ancestors to co-create the New Earth, and bridge higher galactic energies into the physical plane. She is certified in Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, and Pranic Crystal Healing, and has studied Professional Counseling. She is passionate about empowering others to re-member that all the answers, healing and wisdom they need is within. Through her own intense, extensive healing journey, she has discovered many tools to uncover her own higher wisdom and self-healing through connecting to source within, which she is in the process of writing about in her first book that will serve as a guide for people to come into remembering and stepping into their own self-love, divine power, and ancient gifts, no matter how traumatic their histories. A lover of animals, freedom and life’s magic, she is passionate about walking barefoot in nature, flowing with the often wild current of life, and uncovering universal mysteries while learning to embrace all of the strange and glorious experiences human life has to offer. She dreams of visiting faraway lands, swimming with dolphins in the wild, and building an eco-friendly, sustainable, holistic soul retreat — financially accessible for all who resonate, where sacred geometry structures are scattered throughout the lush land — a haven where women’s, men’s, and children’s sacred circles are held in the spirit of community, celebration, harmony, unity, and honoring Earth and all of nature. You can connect with her Facebook.


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