Are You Ready To Dive Off Your Mental Cliff Edge?

There exists, in all of our minds, an unmarked path to a mental cliff edge. Peering down from this precarious position of extreme height, one senses the physical and mental response to imminent peril.

The cliff represents the leap between action and inaction. The edge waits patiently for our arrival. Cliff divers arrive undeterred and unflappable. They dive in.

Life’s great purpose begins at the edge of the mental cliff in your mind.

Living is diving.

Cliff divers possess one thing others still standing on the cliff do not yet have: the courage to dive. That momentous action of diving aligns motive, imagination, wonder, hope, promise and potential. Limitless excuses exist for not diving, but one tiny fragile truth can beat them all. The key is to block out the jabs of negative self-doubt, stop looking for the approval of others, calm your mind and listen to the whisper of your heart’s voice.

You’ll know when it’s time to dive in.

Equally as important to the dive is the journey to the cliff’s edge. The trek inspires initiative to continue to climb the cliff, creates vision of outcome, and builds confidence on the journey to the edge. Money or fame is not sought or found here. Your dive may bring you those things, but the dive represents your true calling, something far more valuable.

If the journey were easy, everyone would do it. You have to muscle your way past the naysayers, the doubters, and the people who tell you jumping is crazy. They will judge you with their looks, tell you to your face, whisper behind your back, and block you at every turn. But if you listen closely, you can hear the faint sound of those who already dove cheering you on from down below. Or they might be standing next to you, preparing to jump again.

Their cheers of encouragement mean they’ve caught a glimpse of your vision. The only one who can ultimately make the decision to dive is you.

Be inspired by these cliff divers, but remember:

You dive utterly, courageously, alone.

Now, the way in which you dive makes no difference. You could hurl yourself off, leap off cannonball style, or even swan dive. The swan divers might even dive with a smile… they’ve been here before. The key is the mental motion of allowing yourself to fall, despite paralyzing fear, with absolute trust in your vision. The dive is, and always will be, about what you see and how much you believe in it. You can only create it with clarity and intention of action.

The image of a cliff diver is striking. The conviction the diver achieved to be able to take flight started way back as with the first uncertain footsteps on their journey to the highest point.

Once you get the hang of it, crowds will part when they see you coming back for more. Their words won’t affect your courage. It was never about what they thought about you anyway. It was never about how they saw you. Ultimately, it is about how you see yourself.

You see, your fragile wings emerge when you find the courage to dive.

They grow stronger each time you dive, until you don’t even see the cliff. You don’t fear the edge.

You just fly.

It all begins with this defining moment — the courageous mental dive from the cliff into a vast and safety-net-less empty space of the unknown. This action leads to your great purpose.

Every step, every new feather that carries you, is courage made visible.

To cultivate your courage, dive in mind, body and soul.

The highest cliff is only the beginning. It’s the launch point for greater discovery. Every cliff will seem very small as you peer down, soaring in the sky. It’s only courage that can change our perspective to achieve flight. Face each fear as it arrives. Breathe in clarity and exhale self-doubt.

Eventually, every cliff disappears into the landscape. Your focus becomes all-encompassing, and a higher level of consciousness envelopes your mind.

Your humble heart will whisper again to your mind: “Courage.”

With powerfully strong and unwavering wings, there is no limit to your ascent.



CorinneRuffCorinne G. Ruff is a commercial airline pilot, flying internationally for Delta Air Lines. She is an author, film producer and social entrepreneur. As a family of world travelers, Corinne and her two children have explored 15 countries, together with her husband, also a pilot. A seeker of truth, beauty and light, her heart is filled with gratitude and an awareness of the connectedness of all things.


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