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If You Want To Love Her For A Long Time, Let Her Change.

I am a restless soul. To love a restless soul you may have to study the moon to learn her moods and trust that far away look in her eyes.

If she feels safe in your acceptance and feels the loose touch of your grip, she will always come back to you.

If you choose to love her for a lifetime, her love is deep with layers of heart and soul being revealed still after 20 years. There is no end to what she may uncover.

Her heart is not settled, as she is a wanderer. The word settled vibrates in her heart with a sense of dread because her heart is never still.

For her, there is no peace in tradition, as the beat of her heart ebbs and flows like the waves of an ocean. Learning to embrace these waves where she loves is as challenging as the impermanence of your fingers stroking her body.

She will float away from you, but her return will be one of revelation and an even deeper love that will envelope your heart like never before.

Just don’t try to rein her in as she belongs to the stars.

If you want to love her for a long time, let her change.

Let her love liberate you as it is always the answer. The call of a restless soul’s heart is inescapable, and she must run to it.

She will change. It is in the wiring of being, as her compass is not set to a fixed due North.

Get drunk in her playfulness and bask in the uncertainty of her adventures, then allow her to change it all over again.

She will hide once more; retreating with her inner child and stroking the hair of her beloved as she answers her cries.

As the moon becomes full, she will begin a new cycle of inner exploration. Let it come and let it be.

Make a home in her mind, because that is where you must make love to her.

If you want to love her for a long time, let her change. This will happen often. She wants to reveal the secrets in her heart without boundaries or limits — free from fear of needing to hold on and make herself belong to you. She is from you, made of you, and she calls for your surrender. Surrender to her wild heart and let it teach you about your own.

Run with her, but allow her to run alone.

Teach her, but do not school her.

Encourage her to jump, because she will do so anyway, and offer her your loving embrace as she returns. She desires your spark. It will stoke her flames, but don’t walk directly into her fire, as she needs to keep it for herself — it is where her dreams are kept.

Loving a restless soul is not for everyone. As her friend, you must offer your patience. As a lover, you must offer your heart and surrender to hers. As her parent, you must grow accepting of how she sets herself apart from the original tribe who created her.

If you want to love her for a long time,  let her change.



Nicole MarkardtNicole Markardt is a mother of two, a NYC public school teacher, writer, and aspiring yogi. When Nicole was 18, she broke her back in two places. Doctors couldn’t be certain she would ever walk again. After a successful surgery and some difficult years, Nicole went on to lead a full life. She is a certified Level II Reiki practitioner and actively pursues mind-body development. Her gratitude for the second chance she has been given, as well as her knowledge of the power in mind-body connection, is something she’s mindful of everyday. Nicole consistently practices Yoga and has never felt better. Her articles have appeared in MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, and she writes the Peace, Love & Practice blog.


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