The Heaviest Forest. {poetry}

The clock is ticking.

Breaking my mind and ripping my heart to shreds.

How do you move the brick wall that has been built up around you for eons?

What if your very blood and bone lay in the mortar…

… and whispers of your soul are etched into the stone?


How do you change this creature of habit who sits and aches in darkness?

Darkness that is so deep it moves.

Darker than the darkest night.

Deeper than the deepest.


A soft tune and a warm embrace can move her,

but she always returns to this place.

For it is hers.


The King of Shadows knows her well, as any old friend.

He was there when she was oh-so-small and he grew with her.

Always by her side, sitting in her mind, spying in her heart.

She does not fear him, she breathes him out.

For he is her reminder…


… that great sorrow and immovable wrongs can create the truest love and fiercest strength.

Power dances on her shoulders like a flickering star-strewn cape,

Yet her heart is so very humble it rests in the palm of your hands.


She would bleed ten hundred more times and face ten thousand more swords to give you the night.

But she cannot give the sun, nor the moon, nor the stars.

But, oh my, she can give the warmth of the sun’s rays, the hope of a new moon, and the light of the brightest star in the sky.


For what is one’s journey, elation, devastation, if not to share and weave and love and leave?


Will you walk with me through the heaviest forest and the longest fog?

Will you walk with me, not in hope to get to the other side, but to be here, in the fear, with me?


I will hold your hand just as tightly as you hold mine, and we could reach the darkest deep together.


It could move us and shake us and scratch us and break us,

But it could never take us.


And by holding hands and staying true maybe we could birth something new —

A force.

An impenetrable glowing.

A gooey soft ball of love and light and absolute acceptance.

A softly spoken sentence,

“Yes, I see you. All of you. And it is okay. You are okay. You are beautiful and cherished and loved. You are loved beyond your wildest imaginings of love! You are loved so very deeply and so very truly that all of your flaws and all of your hurt and all of your pain look like sparkling glitter to me.”


wp-content-uploads-2015-07-megangogollMegan Gogoll is an Anxiety Coach, Writer and Passionate Poet. Her mission is to work with creative souls who are ready to navigate their true north and reveal their bright shining inner diamond to the world. If you’re ready to live life with passion, purpose and an open heart- connect with Megan at Show Me Your Diamond.


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