Welcome To The Island Of Misfit Humans.

Welcome to the island of Misfit humans. Love reigns here is our motto. It is a non-judgment zone.

It is a place to hang out your beautiful, your nasty, to let your freak fly for all to see and with no one to intentionally hurt you. I thought about that, it felt right. I’ve lived on this island virtually for a few months now. Prior to this, I never really belonged anywhere, able to tap-dance in a place long enough for people to accept me.

Yes, I have met some of my own along the way. The quirky, not quite right, dazzlingly different people, who strive to survive in a crazy world. We laugh a little louder. We dance on the edge of insanity at times. We don’t care what people think of us… for the most part.

When we are on top of the world, nothing can stop us. When we are down, we are not fit for human consumption. We are intensely sensitive, not that you will ever know for we hide our sensitivities like comediennes performing onstage, acting like we don’t care, yet quietly or not so quietly dying inside, screaming to be seen.

Taught by whatever hell we’ve marched through that vulnerability is a weakness in the power game of relationships, in the brutal warfare of people. Our hearts have been broken multiple times, by multiple people, yet we still march on, daring our hearts not to harden.

Some of us give up the fight, and shun people and society by locking ourselves away in houses surrounded by walls of tall prickly flowers: no one dare approach or you will be hurt. Blast ’em before they hurt you.

Some of us are better at blending in. Chameleons — we think we know what we’re supposed to be, we’ve seen the pictures, watched the movies, heard the sounds of what normal is, and yet we are shocked again and again into the reality that something here is not right.

Just because all the birds are flying in one direction doesn’t mean that the one that isn’t, is the crazy one. Wisdom from childhood: if everyone else is jumping off the bridge, does that mean you should? We’ve been taught that this is how life is supposed to be in order to keep us in line.

We’re so busy doing, that we have no time to just be. If we had time to just be, we might actually look at the world and say, Hey, this isn’t right; hey, this needs to change. Why am I living this way?

But if we’re conditioned to live a certain way, strive for certain things, compete with each other, and identify some as the other, then that’s all we know. Maybe the poets, the writers, the artists, the thinkers, are here to tell the world what isn’t right. Maybe we’re here to reflect what we see, honestly.

Maybe we’re here to be the truth-tellers. Truth will set us free. We plant seeds. We shout. We whisper. We speak the truth, in whatever form, as a way of planting seeds. What if our job is to be a mirror to try to fix the world? Not in one fell swoop, but in little ways all the time. In the people we meet, in the way we live our lives.

What if we lived our lives as the persons we really wanted to be? What if, with small acts, we did what we felt was right? What if love was the central guiding principle of how we arranged our lives? What if we were the trailblazers leading the world into a new way of being?

Of course, we’d be alone wherever we are, but maybe the Universe would help us connect virtually just when all hope seems lost.

The question was asked of Arthur Rankin, Jr., the producer of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, why was Dolly for Sue on the island of misfit toys, when she looked perfectly normal on the outside.

His answer on NPR in 2007 was, “She considers herself a misfit due to low self-esteem issues and psychological problems.” A doll that feels she is unlovable. Maybe we’re all just Dolly, and we haven’t figured it out yet?


DarleneVersakDarlene Versak is a Yoga-practicing truth warrior, who is astounded at the beauty in people, nature and the world. She lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA with her two sons, where she finds laughter at the most inappropriate time and in all things, especially herself. Her evolving mission is to help people awaken to their soul’s purpose and use their gifts to help to heal the world. Searching for her tribe, and living with a heart that has been broken open, she is growing on a daily basis believing that writing her truth will heal her and maybe the world.


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