An Important Message From Your Body: Heal Yourself.

The other day I ran into a woman I had not seen in three years. Once we got beyond the standard fare of catching up and small talk, the tone immediately shifted.

With a heavy heart, she informed me that later in the week she had an appointment with her doctor to find out the results of some tests they had run regarding the possibility of a cancer diagnosis.

There was no need for her to say anything, her tears spoke of the fear she felt. Of course she was afraid, given her self-admitted limited understanding of the human body, given her belief in the status quo disease paradigm our culture and her physicians had bestowed upon her. How could she not be afraid?

I never presume to know, so with an air of innocence and curiosity, I asked her, “What exactly are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid of being told I have cancer,” she responded.

Of course, because in our culture, cancer equates to pain, suffering, the accumulation of debt, it equates to a face-to-face confrontation with our own mortality; the possibility of death, to our own terminality, and unless we’ve confronted our certain death while still alive, death is our greatest adversary.

How then could one not fear a cancer diagnosis when that word carries with it the promise of experiencing our greatest fear of facing our greatest adversary head-on?

This wasn’t the first time I’ve found myself in such a conversation. In fact, I’ve had this sort of conversation more times than I can count.

In this moment, I knew that I was in exactly the right place with exactly the right person; we had crossed paths for a very specific reason, and I was here to act as a conduit to remind this woman of what she had forgotten.

I knew that the gut-wrenching fear she was feeling was a result of nothing more than what the word cancer had come to mean to her.

I also knew that her body, if it could speak, had one single message for her, one that, if properly received, could free her from her fear and suffering — and in this moment, I was the one who was to deliver this message, care of her body. So, as a messenger for the message her body wished for her to know, I began…

“Your body knows no limits. The word ‘incurable’ has no meaning to your body, nor does the word ‘cancer’. Your body knows no difference between one diagnosis and another. They are just words, labels, masks of meaning. You cut yourself, you heal. You break a bone, you heal.

You slam the door on your toenail, it falls off and regrows; you heal. You have a pancreas that doesn’t produce insulin, you regenerate the cells that produce insulin; you heal. You burn your hand on the stove, you callous and you heal. You have a rash on your body diagnosed as eczema, your skin clears; you heal.

Your body simply has no limits to what is possible, other than the intellectual limits you place upon it through the self-created cage of your beliefs.

So, regardless of the results of your tests, and regardless of the fear your physician associates with those possible results, to your body, those results have no meaning. My friend, whether you believe it or not, your body is programmed to heal.

It is always healing, in every moment, in ways far beyond what our programming would have us understand or believe. To your body, healing is healing. Healing a cut is no less miraculous than healing what has been defined as cancer; at least to your body.

It is only you, or your physician’s interpretation of the events unfolding in your body, that differentiates the mundane from the miracle. To your body, the symptoms diagnosed as cancer are no less severe or critical than are the symptoms of a third-degree burn.

Symptoms are symptoms, and your body, with its infinite intelligence, when given the chance, will coordinate in a perfectly orchestrated manner the healing of those symptoms. It simply cannot do otherwise, even if you tried.

The word ‘impossible’ may be in your vocabulary, it may be the vocabulary of your oncologist, but it certainly is not in the vocabulary of your body. Your body was programmed and designed by an intelligence, regardless of what you call that, that supersedes all of the intelligence of the world combined.

Let me be frank; whether you have the symptoms traditionally labeled as cancer or not, your body cannot, and will not, stop doing what it is designed to do, which is to heal, as long as you come into alignment with, and live in congruence with, that design.

I don’t care what the diagnosis is, nor does your body, it can and will heal if and when it’s given the opportunity.”

“Cancer Smancer,” I said, as a huge smile descended upon her tear-soaked face.

We went on to discuss the power of the mind, the power of belief, the power of choosing to believe whatever we need to believe in order to feel at peace with, regardless of rationality, logic, and social norm, the circumstances of one’s life and with the circumstances playing out in one’s body.

The how to come into alignment with the body, the how to create the most fertile conditions for healing, the how to modulate the rate of healing, these things were not discussed, at least not in that moment because they simply did not matter.

Please understand, belief is important, but so is congruent action. First must come the belief, but then the action. What this woman needed more than a thick how-to manual was a solid belief, a heavily dosed reminder of what was possible for her.

“Thank you, Ken. I knew it was no accident that I ran into you today. I needed to hear this.”

“You’re welcome… and thank you for reminding me why I do what I do. Running into you today was no less a gift to me than it was to you.”

I’ll leave you with a question I often like to ask.

Which is the miracle?

Healing the symptoms labeled as cancer, arthritis, heart disease or any one of the other 12,500 diseases, or knowing at the depth of your being, despite a lifetime of social and cultural programming, that your body has the inherent capacity to heal literally anything.

Is the miracle in seeing the cure and then believing, or is the miracle in embodying a consciousness that believes without a shred of doubt in the unbounded intelligence that infuses every single one of the approximately 100 trillion cells that make up your body?

Like this woman, you may have forgotten, so let me remind you. Your body does not operate under a paradigm of ever growing disease labels and incurability, it does not operate under limitation or deficiency. Your body operates under a paradigm that transcends subjectivity, and is characterized by infinite possibility.

Your body is a 100% efficient factory, manufacturing miracles daily, and the quality and quantity of those miracles are limitless in nature.

Ultimately, it is your belief that will set you free, just as it did for this woman, and you have a choice as to what you believe. Freedom comes first in the mind, then in the heart, and finally in the body.

You have dominion over the thoughts you think, and so, by extension, you have dominion over what you come to experience in your body.

Think your way to freedom, and then create it. You are the creator of your life.


KenFriedKen Fried is a lifestyle and wellness coach, and has been referred to as a Modern Alchemist by many. Ken is fiercely committed to supporting clients around the world to find freedom from their most pressing health challenges by leveraging and aligning with the laws of nature. Every Wednesday he publishes an article on his growing blog about living freely and healing fully. You can learn more about Ken and subscribe to his weekly newsletter.


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