How The War In Syria Correlates To The War Within Our Wombs.

When I first heard this, it rung true to my core. I knew the way we are currently relating to Syria is a macrocosm of how we are relating to the woman’s womb.

The threat of terrorism from Syria, and the threat of death and complications during childbirth — while real — has been greatly exaggerated. Why are private organizations like the CIA and the World Health Organization so intent on repressing femininity on an individual level and in the world at large?

And what is it specifically, that is being repressed?

I believe it is individuality, expression, and celebration of our differences.

I asked a Californian licensed home-based midwife — who has delivered thousands of healthy babies naturally with no medical intervention — what she believes are the most messed up ways our mainstream healthcare system treats women during pregnancy and childbirth.

I then compared this to the way the United Nations treats terrorism in the ancient womb of the world — Syria.

1. We place childbirth, arguably the most natural process, into a category of pathology.

Dr. Joseph DeLee, the father of modern obstetrics, believed that childbirth is a dangerous disease that must be managed and controlled. He called it a decidedly pathological process. That is the foundation of our childbirth system. So, how does this compare to the masculine fear-based reaction towards terrorism in Syria?

How does a medical event relate to war?

Just like the white terrorists who are inciting violence on innocents, medical professionals are taking a knife and stabbing at children and mothers. They were taught to deal with childbirth as a problem. To solve it, we need tighter rules and regulations, more chemicals, epidurals, c-sections, airstrikes and bombings.

Medical professionals were trained that childbirth is inherently wrong, broken, bad, and something disastrous they have to intervene and fix. Instead, why not see it as a wonderful process of the undefinable and incomprehensible wonders that the mind can do nothing but give itself to?

That is where the phenomenon of orgasmic birth comes from.

Rather than seeing ISIS as a threat, why not mourn the lives that have been lost, cry for the heartbreak and suffering of innocent civilians, and celebrate the faith and commitment of a deeper truth that is running the lives of the people who are willing to die in suicide bombings for something they believe in?

Why not honor the gift of life that every woman would, willingly and without question, give in order to have a safe delivery for her child?

When people buy into the belief that there is something wrong with evidence-based care, they are willing to buy things, like expensive and unnecessary medical interference, in order to fix the problem.

When we are told we are under threat by the other, we are willing to bypass emotional intellect and vote in favor of more airstrikes, more brutality, on the innocent and defenseless womb of Gaia.

2. We call in surgeons to unnecessarily facilitate normal births, when they don’t know how to respond to normal births.

Childbirth is painful, emotional, and intense. So is war. Anger and fear are natural reactions to displacement and violation. Terrorist organizations, like ISIS, are not a consequence of self-will or corruption on behalf of the individual or the group. ISIS is a response of the East, to terrorism by the West.

People are a product of their environment.

The basic human essence of receptivity means that we internalize how we are treated. Forming terrorist organizations is therefore completely natural for people who themselves have been terrorized. Anger is a state of grief, a stage of releasing what has been unto us.

If the only place people can find solace for their grief is in connecting to other similarly traumatized people (i.e. other members of their tribe ISIS), they will do just that, and continue the pattern of hatred and violence.

If a woman gives birth being treated as though there is something wrong with the process, she and her child will be bonded for ever by believing the part of themselves that is life-giving and creative to be pathologically broken.

In both cases, there is a repetitive engagement with terrorists by terrorists, fear meeting fear, reaction perpetuating reaction. There are layers upon layers forming around pain, which prevents the pain from healing.

Like an infected scab crusted around a tender piece of open flesh, a woman is hacked open because the veil we are relating to her through is a veil of fear.

The bloody, massacred state of Syria, and particularly the individuals who are in such deep pain they are murdering others (especially our own soldiers inciting the violence), need love, care, affection and community.

In both internal and external locations, there is forced suppression of naturally occurring phenomena that become increasingly damaged when denied. In both instances, there is also potential for life so beautiful we cannot yet imagine it — if only we were to treat it so.

3. We give no regard to the psychological experience of mother and baby through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

We are a culture that will not go out of control. We have elevated formality and social norms, while demonizing anything that comes close to wild, raging insanity. When was the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs? For many, doing this is totally foreign.

We are a culture that is point-blank terrified of things like childbirth because in order to ride its wave, losing our minds is a must. There is shame around sex because we literally have no idea who we will become when confronted with something that takes us beyond ourselves. We are a culture of boxes and borders.

So, we walk around with our insanity bubbling up beneath the socially-acceptable facade of denial. And then, we bomb Syria and terrorize Planned Parenthood because we are sprung, waiting for any excuse to let go and ravage entire countries or women’s bodies.

That is how desperate we are to know what is beyond us — to experience the other side of control. Desperate enough to kill, maim and injure our fellow human beings.

4. We dismiss evidence-based care that proves home-delivery is safer and more successful, because it does not make money for bigwigs or hospitals.

Well, I have to say I am genuinely surprised about this one… Not! In both cases, the World Health Organization and the CIA — both privatized companies — are the ones who win when the current systems of using pharmaceutical companies and the military continue. Of course, no one really wins except terror.

Isolation from others, and disconnection from the truth that is latent within us, is perpetuated.

What really gets difficult to stomach is looking at the cold hard facts around the war against ISIS in the ancient sacral chakra of the Earth, and the war against medical terrorism on a woman’s body.

For example, the coordinator for counter-terrorism at the United States Department of State stated that the War on Terror has been counterproductive, and only increased the terrorism problem.

Similarly, there were record-breaking numbers of deaths and casualties when natural home-births were discouraged by government propaganda and effectively taken over by for-profit companies.

On the other hand, rebuilding Syria into the thriving, bustling society it once was would cost less money but a whole lot more creativity, inspiration and wonder. In this masculine, linear paradigm, which doesn’t have the skill or sophistication required to value the aforementioned gifts, we use a blanket quantity-based measuring system.

Holistic midwifery is also much, much more cost-effective. Using holistic midwifery rather than surgeons to deliver children would save the taxpayer billions of dollars a year.

5. The only way we can get families proper leave and pay is by calling pregnancy a disability.

This is laughable. Unfortunately, resolving it is not as simple as fixing our financial system around paid leave. Fixing our financial system comes as a result, or a side-effect, of changing our values. Our values have to change first.

We can no longer put trust in professionals who are trained by a corrupt governmental system; this is most evident in war and in our medical system, and particularly in what we call ISIS.

Isis, by the way, is the ancient goddess of femininity, yet another classical font of wonder and mystery corporations have hijacked to bring symbolic power to t heir own self-service.

Caring for each other — actually doing the work which means we have a community left worth fighting for — will be the new front line. The front line is no longer in the medical examining table or the front line of battlefields.

The new front line is delivering food to the homeless, harvesting crops and cooking potluck for the community and sitting with a traumatized child while she mourns the loss of her mother. The front line is being solid support for a woman through childbirth.

The front line is introducing terrorists back into being brilliantly helpful members of society. You only have to look at the history of great men and women to know that the greatest people always, always suffer the most.

Some of the greatest people have always been through the most, they have committed the biggest crimes and have struggled the hardest. Right now, our culture traps these suffering people in their pain, at their worst moment, and condemns them to live an isolated life on death row.

Our current system shows no faith in the hero’s journey, rehabilitation, or the fundamental goodness of people.

6. The only representations of birth that we have are over-dramatized sitcoms and movies.

Once more, we are accustomed to viewing over-dramatized, fear-based, disconnected untruth as promoted on the television. Are you starting to see a thread here? Much of what we see in media outlets is based on an outmoded paradigm of lying to ourselves and each other.

But, let’s focus specifically on how the war in Syria correlates to the war within our wombs.

Masculine lies are subverting and corrupting the feminine body. Covert misogyny running every aspect of our lives. You think feminism is the rise of equal pay? No. Feminism is placing value on what we judge as valueless.

There is nothing dramatic about a silent home-birth with three women, away from bright neon lights of an operating theater. The latter pays homage the etheric realm which we do not see, but rather the invisible forces we reap the rewards of.

The difficulty the population at large often faces, when being presented with natural births, is that it requires the spectator to engage with raw emotion, rather than full-throttle screaming. Understated previously cultured cities, like Damascus and Aleppo of Syria, had no big explosions.

It asked travelers to quietly ponder the intricacies of a different way of living. Now, news outlets react, expressing their horror, creating emotional porn viewers get high on.

7. We call in surgeons to unnecessarily facilitate normal births, when they don’t know how to respond to normal births.

Our culture is one that is perpetually fixing what is not broken.

Responding to this means changing ourselves, so that we do not view our world as broken. It means we no longer look to affect any changes we are not personally living. It requires profound integrity.

The sadly misinformed individuals who vote on bombing and airstrikes in Syria, share the same fascist attitude of control over a woman’s right to treat her body as her own.

These are the people we need to pay attention to — not so we can react to their fear-based beliefs, but so we can get to know them. We cannot beat them at their own game of hatred and control — and even if we could, we wouldn’t want to.

We have to find it in our hearts to care for these people, or their poisonous lifestyle will continue to cause harm. The only thing that can adequately and permanently change someone is compassion, empathy and understanding. Or else, humanity will continue to make hashed-up attempts at controlling the uncontrollable.

Pain and emotion are uncontrollable — not broken.

It seems fairly clear to me that the way the government has annihilated Syria, is directly related to the abhorrent treatment of women’s reproductive rights. They are a micro- and a macrocosm of each other. I believe these two news-breakers, that are happening across the world simultaneously, are not separate events.

They are the same event, occurring at different symbolic levels — the earth’s womb, and the woman’s womb. Both events are proliferating tyranny by robbing the world of its nuance.

Tolerate the human, and love the human out of their pain. Those who are causing the most harm are the ones that need attention, and the reason they need it is because they are yet to receive it.

The reason these people are insisting we need a conservative level of control over a woman and a landmass, is simply that they do not trust themselves. These people are so terrified of themselves that the very existence of an empowered woman threatens them.

America is such a feeble, damaged society, that the very existence of a country like Syria being so abundant in oil and other natural resources threatens its livelihood.

The Buddhist level of compassion would be changing ourselves so entirely that we can sit with and accept the threat of terrorism and see it for what it is. The biggest mistake we could make is to react in the face of fear and anger. The biggest mistake we could make is to believe the lies we are being told.

If we could learn to accept ourselves so deeply that we, as a race and as individuals, can look death in the face — the same death that is being imposed upon all of Syria — the portal of creation would open and our experience of life would change forever. It would be a miracle — kind of like childbirth.


LouisaJaneWestJane West is a writer, recovering alcoholic, life-coach and philosopher. She studied female sexuality and communication for two years (and then for the rest of her life). She likes sadness as much as she likes happiness, and the truth above everything. She likes quotations and believes in past lives, astrology and magic. She grew up in London and recently moved to San Francisco. Find out about coaching with her at her website.


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