Take A Chance On Yourself: No Risk, No Reward.

Since the moment we are brought into this world, we have been taught to only play with the cards we are given, never betting on ourselves to reach higher, for fear we may lose it all.

For most of us, our hands aren’t horrible, but they are rarely that perfect 21 we strive for. With a hand of 15 or 17, you have a pretty safe bet of winning that round, but the return on it isn’t necessarily all that fabulous depending on how much you put out there.

That’s not to say consistency and safety in this regard are necessarily terrible things. Quite the opposite; they are needed by each and every one of us to feel at home. There is a peace about knowing exactly how your day will roll out, so every move can be calculated and accounted for.

You know precisely how many calories you’re consuming each day. Every gram of carbohydrates is counted, and you know exactly what to expect — no surprises, no bloat.

Although for many of us, we have been there — or we are currently there — and there is a certain something missing that we cannot put our finger on. We feel like half a person, or worse, a puppet, and we have no idea who the puppet-master is. What is one to do at such a juncture?

Do we become daring enough to tap our fingers and allow ourselves to receive another card? Or do we settle with the status quo and stay where we are because it’s safe?

There comes a point when you will sit at the table of life with a chance to shake up your world and unlock the hidden mysteries of your existence and capacities, or remain exactly where you are. What do you do?

Hit or stay?

Of course you have no idea what is even behind the dealer’s cards, and we start to fret, start to sweat, but we know we must make a choice.

What if I choose wrong? What if I let go of everything I’ve ever known, and am catapulted into a world which I don’t have even the slightest clue of how to navigate?!

Your heart pounds louder than a kick drum as you feel every cell anticipating your next move.

It’s time to make your decision.

Every player understands that the greater the risk involved, the greater the overall reward may be. You just never know when that ace will roll over in your favor. At the same time, we need to be present in the moment understanding that there is that slight chance where we may tip over 21. Could you handle that?

Could you walk away knowing that at least you placed your bet and you asked for another card? Or would the fact of losing cause you more pain than you wanted? It is in these specific questions that you will know exactly what your next move shall be.

The most important lesson to take away from this is to live without regret. Don’t be afraid to choose another card. There is freedom and beauty with asking for more from yourself.

Even if things don’t necessarily go to plan, and end up completely different, you can still find the blessings in any situation — you just need to look deep enough. Trust your instincts, because it is there waiting for you to listen. So tune in, pony up, and place your bet on yourself. Live life with the hand of cards you want.

You can do anything, and be anything, when you just decide to play.


MandiGarciaMandi Garcia is a Yoga-loving, barbell-bending empath, who recently leaped into the creative depths of her soul after spending many years working primarily with her left brain. After living with many physical ailments for several years, and feeling generally ‘unwell’, she realized that a lot of her troubles stemmed from emotional distress, including the lack of fulfilling her karmic destiny. She experienced her share of an identity crisis as she actively searched for ‘it’. After what she calls ‘The Sacred Event’ occurred, she realized that her undiscovered passion that lies within music — specifically music production. From that moment, she changed everything about her life including where she lived and how she worked, in order to give everything she has to her obsession. She now works part-time with her left brain while finely tuning her craft as a producer, as she searches for her own, unique sound.


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