I Have A Christian To Thank For My Pagan Ways.

It would have taken me much longer to reach the place I am today, spiritually, if I hadn’t felt provoked by a Christian woman.

I have always been very connected to nature, as far back as I can remember, and never understood the single-God religions that were everywhere I turned. They always felt very closed-off to me. None of it ever resonated, aside from having a community of like-minded people close at hand.

That said, I had no idea what Paganism or Nature-based religions were, since there were no examples of it around me.

A neighbor of mine didn’t understand why Harry Potter was always playing in my house. One day she asked me, in a matter-of-fact sort of way, “Isn’t it Pagan?” I responded with an emphatic No! At that time, I held within me the same negative connotations that Christianity-based religions have of Paganism.

I had no other views on Paganism in my life before this time, but I suddenly felt extraordinarily inspired to do some research.

I went to the local library, and was able to find only a single book on Paganism. My whole world suddenly made sense. Nature-based religions: a simple belief that Nature herself was in charge, and if she was cherished and respected, she could guide one’s life with purpose and love.

The deities of multiple-God/Goddess religions had always felt more right in my soul, and now I understood why. I had never fully appreciated that each deity represented specific (and sometimes many) aspects of our natural world.

Thus my journey began, diving deep into research on- and offline, searching for all the mythologies of the old world, before Christianity attempted to wipe them out. I was astounded and amazed at the similarities among them, especially the ones that were separated by vast expanses of ocean yet remained in sync with each other.

I proudly declare myself a Pagan today. At times I will even refer to myself as a witch. I do not cast spells, but I do set intentions, send positive vibes out into the world, and fully appreciate every aspect of Mother Nature — even the so-called ugly parts. Life-death-life is a part of every day.

The natural cycle of the earth, the moon, and the sun have tremendous effects on us all as individuals and as a collective.

I had always enjoyed Western horoscopes in the past, and as I have grown and learned, I have come to respect the way the entire universe (even poor Pluto, decried as a planet) touches everyday life on earth. Just as each individual who has crossed my path has led me to be exactly who I am right now.

All thanks to a biased remark that was laced with negativity. From within that remark came life-altering positivity in my life’s journey.

I used to refrain from having religious conversations with others, especially Christians, but after having such an eye-opening moment with this woman, I find myself much more open to what others have to say; I may well find another deep learning moment.

It is highly plausible that I might have come onto my path earlier in life had I only been looking at these moments with positivity and as instructive tools. Learning from any occasion in life truly is about perspective: change the way we view someone or something, and we can change the way it seeps into our soul.

I send thanks to this Christian woman for helping me see my path more clearly. I will forever hold a special place for her in my heart.


PaulaBMartinPaula B. Martin is a wild woman who is in love with life. She is deep in the early-learning phase of her spiritual journey, enjoying every second of it! She loves all things outdoors, especially mountains and trees… because she presently lives in the high desert of Wyoming. Paula has loved reading and writing since she was very young. She lost touch with her writer-Self for 15 years, but has recently become reacquainted with her creative Self and is diving in headfirst.


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