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Don’t Wait Until The Perfect Time: A Manifesto For Action.

If you are feeling insignificant, think of those moments in life where someone’s gesture, essence, grace, or something they said, completely shifted your mindset or path in some way.

It’s entirely probable that you have impacted someone in this way. We are all the fabric of creation. Find peace that there is a place of beauty or inspiration in you that you may not have ever known. Keep going.

Create art, even if it is not your strength. The experience will humble you and give you a new respect, a new perspective, for the art form. Even if you are completely terrified of it. You will leave a fingerprint on your work that will be your own unlike any others.

Revel in that knowing.

When the words don’t come or your dreams don’t happen fast enough, failures or life blankets over the beauty of your spirit and your drive, keep holding out for the moment where the page turns, the frantic words come or the job comes or lust comes for something new or unexpected.

Press your heart fiercely toward the sky until you can feel the magic again and know yourself to your core, so that the storm passing through will bring you through to the other side. Back to the magic that is always there.

There is nothing more important than absorbing life fearlessly. To travel and take in cultures and food and dance with abandon.To reinvent yourself again and again, and to be open to the possibility of anything.

Because at the end of the day, all we have is each other. All this talk about love, all we have is love… well ,that’s the truth. Everyone is capable of depth and feeling, we are all born of the same marrow and dream deeply.

The secret is, to listen to the voice that speaks softly in the quiet hours. To live our truth and look each other in the eyes. To open our hearts so wide that we never would have imagined the beauty that is possible.

To be able to break and submerge and come through to the other side. To know beauty, to recognize beauty, to recognize life.

This omnipresent journey is so fleeting that we must feel it all, and take in the picturesque moments and let them come like wildfire and take us further. Love is, really, the only remainder in this. It’s what we are capable of through every facet of our cells.

It is the undercurrent of all things possible.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s too late to be anything. Almost anything can be done in this lifetime. There are no paradigms of too old. The only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself. Life is too fucking beautiful not to take the risks.

So, make sure that you can look back at the big mistakes, and know that there was something in the value of experience that you hold deeper now. That it somehow expanded your awareness. Make sure that you love hard and live what your spirit truly calls to you.

Don’t ever let your life become a series of things you wish you could have said or done. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Love hard, love to your core, and don’t ever hold that back. Travel to the one place that always pulls at your heart.

Pay attention to who you truly are, not who you have presented to the world. Pay attention to the voice, the calling, that is so intrinsically there, always and forever. Between spirit and body and art. Start it now, whatever time it is.

To let heart align with purpose, and to humbly remain open to the crafts that bring the most joy. To create, bring to life stories, to act, to write, to reflect on life. To take care of ourselves so that we can take care of those around us. To follow through and to trust.

To neither push nor pull, but hold ourselves to only our highest standard, and to listen to everything around us. To take the time for those we love and have loved, and honor their presence. To still look to the stars in their beauty, and to live for now.

Always and forever honoring the elements and the gifts. To be successful in our pursuits of passion, and to know how to remain rooted even in the darkest night, while the sun waits to rise. To not only post the words or read them, but live them.

Rise to them, rise to the ideals that raise the hair on your arms and leave you elated. Feel life, make it your own. Do a random act of kindness, Do something you always wanted to do. Make someone’s day.

Be the best human you can be, don’t wait until the perfect time. Don’t worry that you are not thin enough or attractive enough or smart enough, this is all an illusion created by society. Do what makes you happy, what moves you.

Know yourself so well that you can walk undaunted by judgement or opinion. Forgive and release things so entirely that they no longer bind you in any way.

Know that you are loved, and no matter how alone you may feel, at the core we are all the same, we are all connected.

Speak your truth, choose your battles, know when to let go, keep your heart open, keep your head up, be gentle, use your gifts, be grateful, work hard, play hard, rest easy, know your goals, have fun, be patient with your child, look up, look ahead, be in your heart, create beauty, create art, savor every moment.

Do not fight the change, go with it, from the root to the core.

Ground it to the earth, write it, paint it, dance it, sing it, touch it, let go, surrender, and give it all that you have, love it, believe in it, see it, envision it, manifest it, and then be it…. and remember this moment of letting go. Now go out there and do it. Now is the perfect time.

Do it, do it now.


JerichoRell02Jericho Rell is in love with the ocean and the island she inhabits. She is a lover of adventure, poetry, books, and storytelling. She divides her time between being a mother first and foremost, a writer, an actress, tv host, and a massage therapist. She also has a deep love and appreciation for the beautiful symphony that comes together from our souls through our words. You can follow her blog or find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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