Wanderlusting. {poetry}

I’ve thought about it for

a long time


I’ve come to the conclusion

that life

is just a series of minutes


I’ve come to the conclusion

that I’m going to stop calling my choices



I’ve come to the conclusion

that everything

is temporary



no matter how long we live

we will never

outlive the sound

of the cicadas

on that night in July


no matter

how hard we try

we will never

fall out of love

with the stars


no matter how much

we try to take it back

pieces of our souls

will always

be in love

with pieces of our past


so help me

make this even messier

than it was before


cleaning it up

will take too long

and be too painful


and maybe I’m naïve

and maybe I’m reckless

and maybe putting as much faith

in the Universe

as a toddler

puts in her mother

will ultimately be

just as disappointing


but I want

so desperately

to believe that love

is the answer

that I’m willing

to jump


without looking

and crawl back up

with scraped palms

and bloody knees

when no one but the ground

is there to catch me

just to jump


without remembering

what the question was

in the first place

in the hope that


I can prove it to you


I can prove it to me


but for now

let’s stop


for a definition

and just exist

as souls

in the same plane

and explore ourselves

and strange cities

and each other


let’s laugh

with the joy and innocence

of a child

on the first day of summer

at our potential

and at the cliché

of being

wanderlusting twenty-somethings


let’s lose patience

and our clothes

and make love

like it’s the first time

we’ve ever

discovered another’s body


let’s try

to make the world

a little less shitty

and not worry

about what tomorrow

is waiting to give us

because the only thing

it’s guaranteed to hold

is the memory of today


and maybe I’m young

and maybe I will change my mind

before I change the world

and maybe I fully reserve my right to do so


but for tonight

my mind is set


your eyes are sparkling

with a promise they may never keep

and my heart is dancing

to a song it’s never heard


and maybe

we’ll leave pieces of our souls


in this eternity

that will eventually

and inevitably


leave them here

in love

with this minute

that will blend

into the series of minutes

that will make up

our lives


if it means

that for today

we get to surpass surviving


even for just that minute

see what it’s really like

to live.


KellyMcGeeKelly McGee is your typical twenty-something feminist who finds herself in a theater more often than not. She loves her old-Kentucky home almost as much as she loves chocolate, and most of her favorite things include large bodies of water. She believes rainy days are either for sleeping or dancing, traveling is a way of life, and writing is a release. She is constantly torn between wanting to be one of those damn hippies who wear long skirts and meditate, and a middle-aged party-wine mom who knits and makes a mean casserole, but is a boss-ass bitch when she needs to be. Her short-term goals include owning a toaster and getting her t-shirt back from her ex.


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