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Dear One, I Am So Proud Of You.

Dear One,

I send you love and light from afar. Surprised to hear from me? You shouldn’t be. I’ve known you since the very beginning.

In fact, all of us in this angelic realm know every human being living on Planet Earth, and we watch over you all so carefully each and every day. But you…

… There was something about you that made me fall in love with you the instant I knew who you were — before you were ever conceived. It was from that point that I have dedicated myself to making sure you are safe. I know you feel like you have been alone this whole time, but trust me, you are anything but.

Do you remember those times that you have felt endangered, yet came through to see another day? That was me. I’d take bullets for you.

I am so proud of you. I see you working so hard, and building your life, but I know you’re still not satisfied. I see you crying at the end of the day, holding your pillow close to your chest as you bury your head down; as if to mute the tears of your soul so no one hears. But I do. And it pains me to see you in such sorrow.

Dear One, if you only knew what lies just beyond the shore for you, you would be rejoicing as I am. The many goals you have faithfully pursued have led you to where you are right in this moment. I know they didn’t work out as you expected, but trust me, they were not right for you.

I wanted nothing more than to tell you to stop, to turn in a different direction. I yearn to speak with you, and to help you on your journey, show you the magic and beauty you hold within, but I am powerless without your permission.

Dear One, each of those events you tried to win was not in vain. You have learned such valuable lessons about yourself that will enable you to really step in to your destiny which you will discover oh-so-very soon. If you talk to me, I will help you.

Just so you know, the sound of my voice takes on many shapes, so if you desire to communicate, you must listen with ears that hear and eyes that see. Sometimes I will whisper to you in the morning right before you wake up or right before you fall asleep at night.

Sometimes I will show you a beautiful dream — pay particular attention to these. Sometimes I will send you reoccurring number patterns, or messages throughout your day in the various places you go (a magazine article, a bumper sticker, an advertisement) that will speak to what you long to know.

Sometimes I will speak to you through the music you listen to (This is how we angels communicate with each other. We love music).

Dear One, let me dry your tears and hold you close. Let me comfort your heart. Please don’t forget about me, as I love you, and will love you past the constraints of time and space. This love I have for you is abundant, and I wish to share it with you.

Humble yourself to ask for help, and watch how quickly the doors to your future opens.

Through eternity,

Your Guardian Angel.


MandiGarciaMandi Garcia is a Yoga-loving, barbell-bending empath, who recently leaped into the creative depths of her soul after spending many years working primarily with her left brain. After living with many physical ailments for several years, and feeling generally ‘unwell’, she realized that a lot of her troubles stemmed from emotional distress, including the lack of fulfilling her karmic destiny. She experienced her share of an identity crisis as she actively searched for ‘it’. After what she calls ‘The Sacred Event’ occurred, she realized that her undiscovered passion that lies within music — specifically music production. From that moment, she changed everything about her life including where she lived and how she worked, in order to give everything she has to her obsession. She now works part-time with her left brain while finely tuning her craft as a producer, as she searches for her own, unique sound.


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