Schools And Prisons: The Education Industrial Complex.

From the food being served to the people in charge, the educational system and the prison system are in direct correlation with one another.

These two corrupt entities are very much alike in the way they function and carry out personalized agendas.

In every school, you will find radicalized students who question authority being shut down and getting into the most trouble.

A lot of the time these students recognize injustice and challenge it, not knowing that although it may be the right thing to stand up for, in the eyes of the principals, deans and teachers, they are just the problem children who damage their egotistical mindset of being in charge.

Same with inside prisons, if an inmate dares to stand up to corruption going on internally, they are targeted as the prisoners to look out for and make their life even more miserable.

Time and time again it has been found that these big head-figures in charge are the most malevolent. One must wonder why this is, because clearly if these corrupt people are being given positions of high importance, then it must mean that their goals resonate with the overall goals and agenda of the system itself.

Negative reinforcement, authoritarian structure, emphasis on silence and order, abridged freedoms, loss of individual autonomy, no input in decision-making, dress code/uniforms, and more, are all similarities that you can see between school and prison. Overall, both industries suppress people into conformity.

In school, you must arrive at the same time and leave at the same time, day after day. You are given a schedule to follow and rules not to break. You are expected to follow the normalities built into the school, and expected not to challenge the infrastructure of the system.

Teachers are all powerful. They control what your mind is being fed, and other school officials decide what your body is being fed as well. You are in the palm of the system’s hand when attending school.

I have always wondered why school is built around the interests of older people, instead of those of the children who are directly being affected by it. Young people have literally no control over how they go about their everyday lives because such a huge part of it (eight hours of school) is being controlled and manipulated by others.

Students don’t have a say in what they are learning. I find this the most absurd fact because our knowledge is what empowers us, and because there is such a strong disconnect in what is being taught, students no longer feel that knowledge and education are important in their lives.

No child gives a damn about the Pythagorean theorem, or stoichiometry, or the falsified history of European devils. All of the garbage being taught is what wires students’ brains, and prevents free and critical thinking. Most students are force-fed lies, and frivolous information they don’t have any connection with.

The biggest reason for learning and putting effort into our work is the why-factor, why is what we are learning important to us. So many curricula do not answer the most important question, therefore students don’t care about what they are learning because there isn’t a damn good reason for it.

Instead of teaching lifelong skills, like handling personal expenses, growing your own food, martial arts, health and wellness, individualized history, etc., we are being taught information that will never matter in adulthood.

There is a huge dropout rate and many other statistics that aren’t documented or even thought about that come out of this type of learning from schools.

In both school and prison, racism is still a pressing issue.

In prison, there is very much racial disparity considering that around 70% of prison populations are people of color. There are countless overlapping interests of government and industry that use surveillance, policing, and imprisonment as solutions to economic, social and political problems.

Racial disparity is used as a huge tool for other interests in the prison system, as well as in the mass media stereotypes of people of color, poor people, immigrants, and other oppressed communities as criminal, delinquent, or deviant.

This power is also maintained by earning huge profits for private companies that deal with prisons and police forces, helping earn political gains for tough-on-crime politicians, increasing the influence of prison guard and police unions, and eliminating social and political dissent by oppressed communities that make demands for self-determination and reorganization of power in the U.S.

All of these things work in conjunction with each other to try to keep the power out of the hands of the 90% and in the hands of the 10%.

Racism in schools is more clandestine than in prisons. Schools may promote diversity and act as if they are welcoming and accepting of all cultures, however, if you look into it, that is clearly a front. Most people who work in these types of positions are white. And, if they are not white, they have a white-washed mindset.

People who are proud of their culture and heritage would never degrade themselves to teaching about cultures and norms that are destructive, deceptive and corrupt. All that is being taught in school is European history that has been twisted, rewritten and fabricated.

Whoever writes the history books seem to be the benevolent ones, however, in reality it is quite the opposite.

Where is the true history of African Americans, and why is it shunned in our school systems? What about Indians and Native Americans? How come their genocide is still kept a secret while the pilgrims are still glorified? And how about Hispanic culture and history? That is foreign to Latinos in school, making all of these different races feel distant and clueless to what they are being taught. That fact in itself is systematic racism.

All of these things, as well as countless other factors, show the similarities between school and prison.

Young people are being set up for prison by being alienated and controlled in school. All of the different cliques and groups are much like the gangs in prison. The disgusting and unhealthy food choices are almost identical, and schools and prisons are always run by bigots.

There must be a change in order to inspire our future revolutionaries. School is clearly not the ideal place for one to gain knowledge, because the knowledge one seeks on their own is much more relevant and true than the shit that is being taught to every child all across America.

We must see a change in our school system to ever see a change in the prison industrial complex.


SedonaAllenSedona Allen is an aspiring revolutionary who wants to spread truth and understanding among her people. She has a desire for social justice and equity around the world.  She is currently a high school student graduating a year and a half early, but her dream is to become a known revolutionary; she plans to get there by studying political science and international affairs. Currently she works at Denver Health’s Health Promotion division, where Sedona advocates for youth and lower income communities to create a better community and improve health for everyone.


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