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The Key To The Broom Closet: Liberating Your Witch’s Soul.

Woman, you know exactly what I mean when I say you cannot, you will not, stay trapped in there forever. I know you.

By day, you perform all of good-woman duties of the partner, mother, sister, and daughter; these feminine roles that seem at once true and not-true, depending on your cycles and your mood. But at night, you stare at the moon just long enough to feel that energetic pulse — so brief — under your ribs.

You know, deep in your bones and in your blood, that somehow that ecstatic vibration is an integral part of your very soul. It feeds you in a way that seems so familiar and yet so dangerous.

You go to bed then, when all is as right as it can be with your hearth and home, wondering where you can get more of that moon-born nourishment. Where do you even begin to look for something that has no name?

You, Woman, harbor a witch’s soul in your womb-wise body, and I am calling you out of the broom closet. Now is the time to show yourself to the world, to feed yourself the medicine of sisterhood, to learn from other women, and to let them learn from you.

The time for hiding is over, but the fear of being known is soul-deep; don’t let it keep you caged. Buried in your guts are memories of the horrific hunt, one of our feminine soul-wounds, and this recollection, however unconscious, can keep you from being the magick-making creatrix that you are.

I promise you this: Your soul remembers. Your thinking mind may have forgotten the essence of the five elements, how to cast a circle, or how to hold a wand, but your soul remembers. Source this wisdom from your bones and your belly. Be fearless. Know that the danger of being found out no longer means the damage it once did.

More than that, know that you are not alone.

Women throughout the global community are bringing their witch’s soul out of the shadows and into the light. Every day, more of us tentatively open the door, testing the safety of being known, taking two steps away from the too-comfortable darkness and then one backward. There are too many of us now, you see.

We cannot all be contained, not anymore.

It is your responsibility, Woman. You are the goddess-embodied, and she vibrates in your very cells. Honor your birthright in this wounded world. To be a witch does not mean you have to renounce anything except that which keeps you contained. And here’s the rub: the only thing keeping you in the broom closet is you.

The key has been in your left hand the whole damn time. When did you put yourself in there? Somewhere around your first period, most likely. You sensed that it was not safe, that your blood was bad, that you’d be called a weirdo or a freak if you spoke of the Old Ways.

You did not know that the Old Ways were old then, though. You only knew that spells were the stuff of fairy tales, and magick was something to be deconstructed and proven as trickery — that’s what they told you anyway.

So you took on the roles you knew would be accepted by the bad boys and the mean girls, and it’s been hard, back-breaking work unburying your authentic self.

Never judge yourself, dear one, you hid out of necessity. Look to your life now, though. Are the same childhood threats waiting outside the door? Are the new threats that are out there now truly dangerous, or is it an illusion?

I hold that you are more powerful, in all of your now-fierce, so-sacred authenticity, than whatever stands outside that door.

What are you waiting for? Whisper to yourself now: I am a witch. If you have never made such a proclamation before, I will wager that statement hums at your heart-center like a gong struck hard. Deep-seated longing for circles and council bubble up from your roots, and yet, there is an uneasiness about it.

Maybe an association exists between the Old Ways and religion. Maybe you feel you do not, or may never, know enough. Maybe you’ve been burned badly before, as I have, by would-be mentors who were really master manipulators.

Woman, take this statement and plant it at the center of your being: You need no permission. You were born to do this, and it cannot be done wrong. Witchcraft is not a religion, it’s a mother-loving way of life. If you look, you will see the natural energies of all things. It is less about learning and more about remembering.

Go back to your childhood and recall the magick of rolling on the moss-coated hill or commanding the forest with a fern-wand. You were a witch then, and you are now.

Witch, I call you out. Start now. Don’t wait. Your soul is waiting so patiently to be liberated. Whatever condemnation comes from friends, family, or society is nowhere near as damaging as living in that too-small space.

In your broom closet, for however long you’ve been in there, you learned to see in the dark, and this will serve you. Feel with the instinct in your guts, and see with the intuition between your brows.

Use your womb-wisdom to find the right teacher, but know this: There is no perfect set of tools, thick black book, or magickal guru that will have all of the answers. Our great, great grandmothers — Goddess bless them — did not have the benefit of those resources, and they didn’t need them.

We live in information-rich times, but your most valuable teacher is your own beloved witch’s soul.

I hold that every woman alive today has a duty to honor and vindicate those who came before us, those who were persecuted not for their witchy ways but because their truest self did not fit the social mold. Look to your sisters, blood and non-blood. They feel it, too. Gather together. Harvest the Old Ways together.

Believe in your cycles, and know who you are.

You’re a witch, Woman, and you know it. Come out, come out, wherever you are.


DanielleDulskyDanielle Dulsky is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, energy-healer, Yoga teacher, multi-media artist, and magickal mentor. She holds the highest designation from Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500, and is on a mission to inspire women to be fearless creators of their sacred work. She is the founder and creatrix of the Living Mandala Yoga teacher training programs, a Reiki Master in the Usui-Tibetan tradition, and long-time believer in Earth-based traditions. Her work is based on sensing and transforming energetic vibrations, empowering individuals to discover their potential for authentic abundance, using artistic practice intuitively, and holding space for women to unearth their inner goddess through the magick of sisterhood. Danielle leads women circles, witchcraft workshops, a teaching coven, and psychic development intensives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania where she lives with her partner Ryan, sons Bodhi and Sage, and pet-familiars Jeepster and Raven. She believes that all women alive today are meant to be instrumental in supporting the return of the Divine Feminine. You could contact her via email.


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