We Are Killing Mother Earth, And It Is Time To Think For Ourselves.

Throughout generations of human existence, mankind has been the eye of the storm in the deterioration of our planet.

Every creature leaves a footprint in our earth; however, humans have not just left a footprint, we have dropped a nuclear bomb.

Careless ways of living a materialist lifestyle have led us to years of damage that we have put our Mother Earth through.

To keep up with the greed of malevolent plutocracies (governments run by the rich) we have caused commodification of water, ocean acidification, pollution, ozone layer depletion, deforestation, animal extinction, resource depletion, waste disposal, global warming and more.

Something that people don’t realize is that living under a capitalistic, wasteful way of life will not be sustainable once resources start to wear out, and become scarce. Let’s take a look into some specific things that are happening which sabotage our planet.

An example of careless human behavior that is very predominant (especially among strategically placed, lower income communities) is waste and big waste dumps.

The matter of the fact is simply that the presence of waste is a clear indicator of overconsumption. Our raw materials which should be treasured, are instead taken for granted and proven to not be used efficiently whatsoever.

That is why landfills have reached overwhelming numbers of quantities.

Thousands of waste landfills remain present, and while no present up-to-date data shows the insane increase, all that can be found is the proven fact that waste has increased by 30-40% throughout the years.

It seems quite strange to me that this type of environmental issue isn’t being tracked intensively. Living in proximity to a landfill can cause serious health effects, especially in children.

Health effects from exposure to hazardous waste can include cancer, birth defects, and even genetic mutations.

Not only are landfills harmful to us personally, but growing amounts of waste also cause high concentrations of hazardous chemical gases in the air. This causes a whole lot of pollution in our atmosphere.

Toxins from hazardous landfills can also sneak into our soil and groundwater, which causes a lot of health defects.

If you are in a high-income neighborhood, no need to worry, because most landfills have been unequally placed among lower-income communities; which is yet another wealth disparity in our society.

Fracking — it’s as if the ocean is a heroin addict, constantly pumping America’s deadly poisons into its vulnerable veins.

Starting out with the initial trip to the site, each gas tank drives an average of 400 gallon trucks of water, and who-knows-what-else to and from the construction site(s).

It takes an average of 1-8 million gallons of water and a mixture of 40,000 gallons of chemicals to complete each frac into our poor mother earth, in her most forbidden spots.

Chemicals that go into fracking include carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals), methanol, hydrochloric acid, mercury, lead, still hundreds more are being pumped into our natural resources to create profit for the oil industries. This is absurd.

Hydraulic fracturing has created many abnormalities in our earth (earthquakes, tsunamis, acid rain, etc.) and about 360 billion dollars are used annually for fracking — money which could be going toward safer, cheaper, alternative ways of sustaining with the energies we have, as well as research towards other ways in which to obtain or create new ways of utilizing natural resources.

The fracking process involves transporting a mixture of water (which could be used to give people who are in dire need of usable water) and chemicals to the end of the fracking well.

This is where the high pressure of the mixture and the rock well meet and cause a violent uprising of natural gas, which then flows like blood from the well.

During this unnatural process, methane gas and toxic chemicals leak out from the system and contaminate nearby groundwater. That means poison water for any nearby drinking wells or water sources.

There have already been over 1,000 documented cases where people have had numerous health problems from ingesting contaminated water.

After the fact, only about 40% of the fracturing fluid is taken away for our use, the rest of the toxic fluid is left behind never to biodegrade because it is an abnormal substance to our Mother Earth.

These toxins eventually evaporate into the air, which contaminates the air we breathe, and facilitates acid rain and ground-level ozone to occur. Overall, hydraulic fracturing has many more negative effects than positive gains.

It is most likely still happening solely for profit instead of trying to help humanity by uncovering more natural resources as it is claimed.

So fracking is what is happening beneath our feet, but what in the hell is going on above our heads? Anyone can peer up into the skies, and they will notice it right away. Crisscrossed, zigzagged, intersecting lines of unnatural looking clouds.

The name: chemtrails. What the cover-up story for these disturbing lines of poison is that they are used for weather control, specifically global warming.

Many excuses have been made up for these strange clouds, however the truth is very unpleasant and distressing. We are all being sprayed with toxic aerosols, more specifically called Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering.

We have been told by local weathermen that this is normal exhaust or water vapor left behind from an aircraft; however, it is obviously a bogus cover-up. A regular aircraft contrail dissipates within minutes. Chemtrails stay visible for hours.

Regular aircrafts, such as jets or planes, have specific coordinates of where to fly. You will never find airplanes going on crisscross planes in the air — it is way too dangerous.

With chemtrails, they will create huge grids and X’s in the sky, not even trying to act as an airplane.

Once this toxic aerosol has been sprayed all over our blue skies, these particles fall to the ground where they enter our water, soil, and respiratory systems.

Scientists have been analyzing the effects of chemtrails in our earth and the results are horrifying. Aluminum, barium and other elements were found to be thousands of times higher than normal levels.

The high levels of lead are connected to very irregular and acidic pH levels in the soil, deadly to ecological life systems. That means bad news for our animals, insects, and plants everywhere.

Aluminum from chemtrails is also being found in large quantities in our food and drinking water.

It has been proven to be brain-damaging, and causes heartburn, nervous system impairment, paralytic muscular conditions, kidney failure, headaches, memory loss, loss of coordination, confusion, dryness of skin, disorientation and abnormal intestinal activity.

There also seems to be a direct correlation with elevated aluminum intake and the rising number of childhood neurological disorders like attention disorders/hyperactivity, autism, behavior disorders, and learning disabilities.

What is even scarier is that aluminum is only one of the many harmful toxins found in chemtrails, and the majority of people are still completely oblivious to this poison right above their heads.

It is a sickening concept to think about, and everyday as I peer up into the once-clear sky, anger and sadness bubbles up within me like a shaken-up soda can ready to burst.

What is the reason behind chemtrails? There have been different theories and conspiracies; however, I believe the main reason is profit and a hidden agenda.

First of all, now knowing all of the poisons and chemicals found in chemtrails, it is no surprise that they are killing food crops everywhere.

Of course, Monsanto (one of the big companies running the show) has a solution for that; they came up with their own genetically modified seed that grows even under the harsh conditions of chemtrails.

It is quite obvious that if they wipe out everyone else’s food source, then they will have ultimate control over the agriculture system and continue to make profit off of our demise. Let that sink in.

Secondly, the hidden American agenda consists of keeping people sick, drugged-out, unaware and brainwashed, unhealthy, etc. to prevent us from an uprising against the countless human rights violations that go on under our noses every single day.

People need to wake up and start demanding better environmental conditions, rather than acquiescing to the current attacks on our ecosystem and our own bodies.

Fossil fuels are being burned extensively. Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is rising like lava from an active volcano.

Our oceans absorb most of this poison; however, when the seawater combines with carbon dioxide, it forms carbonic acid, resulting in contamination and death of fish everywhere.

Our oceans are constantly growing more and more acidic due to direct pumping of waste and other contaminants straight into their waters. The solution is as simple as using less, recycling more, and cutting down on our consumerism.

You have obviously heard of fluoride. The first fact about it is that just because a dentist uses it, does not mean it is healthy.

There have been over 34 human studies and hundreds of animal studies which have linked fluoride to brain damage, lower IQ’s, thyroid disease, increased lead absorption, hyperactivity, dementia, disrupted immune system, arthritis, and more.

The scary part about fluoride is that over 70% of the U.S. water is fluoridated. So, men, women, and children are being drugged everyday with this stuff, and they do not even realize it.

We are told to drink eight glasses of water a day, however, consuming fluoridated water can kill more brain cells than doing drugs or drinking. I am not promoting those things at all, just putting some perspective on these disturbing facts.

Sodium fluoride is actually used in insecticides and rat poisons. So, why is it used in our toothpaste and water when it has been proven to be toxic?!

Every day, people are brushing their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste and are tricked into thinking it does wonders for their teeth, when in reality it does nothing positive for us.

It was actually shown that tooth decay started decreasing before our water become fluoridated, so really, what are the benefits of fluoride?

Sure it may have some, but overall studies have shown it is actually unnecessary to have in our water and even in our toothpaste. More people drink fluoridated water in the U.S. than the rest of the world.

Fluoride actually aids in blocking the pineal gland, otherwise known as our third eye. It is no surprise the government wants us drugged out and unconscious. Opening your third eye metaphysically awakens you from deep slumber.

It enables you to start to understand the truth around you.

Awakening your third eye allows you to have a much deeper connection with the rest of the universe; which in turn can result in the discovering of disparities, inequalities, and corruption ruling our world.

The government will do everything in their power to keep our third eye closed; however, we must combat this and do everything in our power to awaken our chakras and begin thinking for ourselves.

The main reason I included fluoride in this piece of writing is because it ties together all the environmental issues I mentioned earlier.

It is something that helps in keeping us ignorant and blind to these traumas we put our ecosystem through. If more people researched these things (which I hope everyone who reads this does) then I am sure they may not acquiesce any longer.

Knowledge plus action equals power, and that is exactly what the people in power as of now want to avoid.

As our society is now, these things that are pressing world issues, like chemtrails, waste overload, fracking, and more, don’t matter, but the Kardashian family, football, and many other fads are constantly talked about.

What we tend to not realize is that the mainstream media is practically the fourth branch of government; it acts as their best defense for their crimes against humanity, by keeping us distracted from the truth.


SedonaAllenSedona Allen is an aspiring revolutionary who wants to spread truth and understanding among her people. She has a desire for social justice and equity around the world.  She is currently a high school student graduating a year and a half early, but her dream is to become a known revolutionary; she plans to get there by studying political science and international affairs. Currently she works at Denver Health’s Health Promotion division, where Sedona advocates for youth and lower income communities to create a better community and improve health for everyone.


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