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Be Recklessly Lovely & Show The World You Give A F*ck.

Recently I’ve been hugging strangers. I’ve been breaking silence in bathroom lines with compliments.

I’ve been forcing smiles and eye contact on people who appear as if they’d rather go unnoticed. I won’t let them though. I’ve committed to being recklessly lovely in an effort to say “I see you and I give a shit.”

To do something recklessly is essentially to do something without thinking too deeply into the consequences of the action. We often use the word negatively. But what happens when it’s applied to something good?

What if we thought less before we loved our neighbors?

What if we loved them recklessly?

What if we complimented recklessly?

Hugged recklessly?

I’ll tell you what would happen. We’d make a difference. That’s what. We’d fucking change the planet.

We’ve become used to existing unseen and comfortable remaining strangers. Sometimes I think parts of our world suck so much because we allow people to be invisible. We allow them to feel undervalued.

Do you know what grows as a repercussion of an ignored and undervalued soul?

Anger, coldness, hate, violence.

Look around. That shit is sprinkling our streets like confetti.

Let’s clean it up.

Everyone deserves to be seen and loved. Everyone deserves the chance to give love and receive it. So, let’s relearn how to give that love and relearn how to receive it.

It’s not always easy to be recklessly lovely. Actually, it can be hard as hell. Some people light up at the brief and rare run-in with a pleasant interaction. It’s a beautiful thing. Others act like dicks.

Not because they want to be dicks, but because they are so painfully hardened by the coldness that’s been birthed from their own insecurities — birthed from all of our insecurities.

Bottom line is, we are insecure.

We are insecure scaredy cats who have forgotten how to be nice to each other. And there is no excuse.

This vicious cycle of ugliness and fear is rooted in a lack of loveliness in our lives, in our relationships, and in all of our day-to-day connections with others. A cycle fueled by our reckless judgment, our reckless hate, and reckless stupidity.

All of which put a gaping divide between us and happiness, kindness, joy, and love.

I think learning to love is like learning a language. You need to study it. You need to surround yourself with it, and to practice it in order to not forget it. It seems to me that we are out of practice.

It seems to me that we have created lazy study habits.

And how do you break any bad habit?

You intentionally and mindfully create new ones to replace it — better ones.

So, let’s practice. Bring love into bathroom lines, into rush hour traffic, bring it to your 9-5 obligation. Start at your dinner table, and work outwards.

Show the people in your life that you give a damn. Show the people who aren’t in your life that you give a damn too.

Let’s build new habits, and show the world that we know how to mindfully give a fuck.

Let’s be reckless in all the right ways, and try our hardest to be lovely.


ChelseyReardonChelsey Reardon has a heart for truth and women who haven’t met theirs yet. She’s an advocate for coffee and conversation. She tries to speak like she writes — honest and with minimal F-bombs. She gives a shit about Yoga, body image, and self-love. She believes the sky is the limit, you just need to build the ladder. Follow Chelsey on Instagram. She’d love to social-hang.


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