The Art And Importance Of Disobedience.

Disobedience is an art form. It’s the true nature of the seeker.

It has you on an enduring quest, and is, at the same time, your true state of being, home, truth, and the essence of your spirit.

To obey is the easy route through life. It doesn’t require much to take what you get and do what you are told to.

To disobey requires mastery of the skill of discernment. It needs you to acknowledge your own power and potential. It has you look beyond the horizon, in every regard.

You constantly pick yourself and the ever-changing picture of existence to pieces, just to put it all together in new ways, to find more sense and meaning in everything.

The masterful art of disobedience is very different from simple rebellion. You don’t disobey just because you can, or out of a sense of much-needed empowerment of self and others.

Having mastered the art of disobedience, you know that everyone has tremendous power. And that everyone has free will, and can and must choose for themselves.

You’re not roaring and fighting to get attention and to demonstrate your power to the world. You are capable of doing this, and at times it is helpful to do it.

But many times the silent act of disobedience happens in your heart, in your mind, and it has to do with your spirit and your energy.

The paradox of disobedience is this:

You’re constantly questioning everything, willing to improve, refine, adjust — to reach further than most people can imagine is possible.

You’re questioning yourself, your habits, your mindset, your potential, you know you can do better, take a higher route, do more for others, be more of service, make a bigger difference.

But at the same time, you know that everything is in perfect equilibrium, the mess in your mind is there to lead you to the dusty corners in your heart which need being revised and torn open to be even more fully present and loving, to increase your capacity to learn all there is to learn on your journey, and to experience life with all its glory and magic… to be all your glory and magic.

Energies are flowing back and forth, like the tides. Pain and joy are two sides of the same coin.

You can rest in yourself and in the crazy dance of this illusory existence.

Although you strive for growth and evolution, deep down you know that everything is there already, you are perfection in motion, part of the ingenious creative act of the source of All-That-Is.

Sometimes you get tired and weary from your endless quest. You get angry, tap into the child-energy inside you, throw tantrums, want double chocolate cheesecake and a huge blanket — leave the world outside for a while.

When you’ve recharged for a bit, the terror inside and outside of you is already waiting for you to continue navigating it.

While others seemingly can’t get enough of pointing out deficits, weaknesses, mistakes in others, and blaming people and circumstances, politics, the weather, etc. for their own failures and shortcomings, you own your decisions, your struggle, your transformative breakthroughs and the cheesecake feasts.

You know that this is it.

You can yell and rebel until your voice is gone and you’ve dropped every last bit of porcelain. Or you can sleepwalk through life, do what you’re supposed to at all times without thinking much for yourself. Or you can push yourself towards high goals with absolute sacrifice and discipline.

Or you can do something scandalously different: you can let go, and open your heart. You are magic in there.

And the moment you open up to your own magic, you become a magnet to all magic in this universe.

Time and space work on your behalf.

It doesn’t always feel like it, rather the opposite. But you have mastered the skill of acceptance and discernment, so you won’t screech and throw yourself on the floor, demanding your wants and expectations be met pronto.

The gigantic miracle happens when you stop forcing your will onto the world. When, instead, you become a vessel for energy, synchronicity, possibility, a channel and a catalyst for things that want to be created and expressed through you.

It’s not about you, sweet magical soul. It’s about the Whole. And paradoxically this is why it’s all about you, because you are the essence of the Whole.

To disobey means to always question the status quo, to sense opportunities for improvement, for the expression and manifestation of spirit, without forcing it to happen in a certain way, but with helping to birth it into reality the way it wants to be born. That’s the most difficult and most divine thing to do.

You don’t do what you do because you have to or because you can, but because there is meaning and purpose in it.

So, the art of disobedience is to refuse everything that enhances states of being numb, stuck or empty.

Instead, it serves to facilitate everything — with laser focus, dedication and the power of your immanent magic — that provides service, meaning and transformation for yourself and others.

And disobedience also includes the discerning when to serve yourself first and when to put others first.

Disobedience is the act of balancing the world, of ripping it out of the concepts of good and bad, black and white, wrong and right.

Instead, it is about asking questions, making an effort and putting yourself (and others) through discomfort and flames of alchemical fire for the sake of the highest good.

This is the magical and critical act of Disobedience with Grace. And the simple thing there is: To be here now. Fully you, empty, alert, open, at peace. In love. You.

Striving for the highest good for and in everyone, being a channel for growth and purification, and doing this by fully being you, at any given moment — that’s the true art of disobedience.

And while you disobey in this tiny earthly realm, you obey the laws of the big picture. Big-time.

Keep up the great work, it’s so worth it.

It’s worth every bout of heart-rending pain, every stinging doubt, every walk through dark dungeons in order to push your limits and tap deeper into your magical potential, your inherent ancient soul wisdom and the infinite love that you truly are.

You’re doing amazing. Be you, beautiful soul. Disobey. You’re right on track. You’re not walking towards the light — you’re walking your own light home.


wp-content-uploads-2015-07-linaboldtLina Boldt is a seeker, healer and writer. She has a Ninja-warrior survival record, and can often be found in the thick of deep transformational work, which made her gain quite some expertise in breakdowns and breakthroughs. Her current mission is all about surrender, and she can’t live without chocolate. You can connect with her via her newly-born website or on Facebook, where you can also join her group of non-conformists and messy souls.


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