Call Of The Dark.

Darkness does not reveal her secrets easily.

She waits, suspended in infinity, to see who is listening, who is curious, who is ready.

Darkness lives within us as a truth so constant she is easy to ignore. Like a fish searching for water, it is difficult to define darkness. All that we can see is light and light’s reflection bouncing off darkness in her various forms.

A cup’s true form is a dark shape, a chair’s true self is a shadow of suggestion, and we too are only illuminated from external sources. We live in a world that worships light, and fears and demonizes dark.

We live in a world that emphasizes sight and neglects feeling, belittles emotion, and diminishes intuition.

Darkness is not concerned with any of this. She needs no cheerleaders, no marketing campaign nor business plan. She spends no time worrying over the approval of others. She has the slow, confident smile of a tiger in the face of a rabbit.

She does not wield power; she is power.

Darkness is two feline eyes staring back at you. She waits for you inside a thick, pitch black cave — deep within the inner chambers of who you really are underneath layers of persona, conditioning and fears.

She waits, and she flicks her tail, ever so slightly, side to side, when you avoid her and ignore her calls.

Darkness calls to you in the dense, wild green of the jungle. She beckons to you at sunset, and she surrounds you when you visit the ocean.

She invites you into her company as a strong bodily sensation, toes curling in the cold, laughter that shakes your belly, a delicious, juicy peach, the strong scent of cinnamon. We are all dark on the inside.

Darkness is luminous with the richness of potential energy. She is the secret that remembers how to weave spirit into matter. She is the ancient creator with the power to destroy your world.

And she is the sweet mother who suckles you and rocks you to sleep. She has no rules except that she is herself. She may seem cruel at times, but she is simply wild.

Darkness teaches us to listen inwardly. To close our eyes and see with an inner gaze. We will continue to stumble, fall down, and fail until we acknowledge her lessons. Do not ignore the still small voice. Do not avoid the tingle of intuition.

Do not disconnect from the wisdom of your body. The darkness within your body holds the memory and wisdom of every grandmother who came before you.

The dreams you carry in your muscles and bones protect an ancient promise between you and your maker that brought you to this earth.

Darkness demands silence. She embraces sensuality. And she will not speak until you make space for her. Slow down. Take care of yourself. Enjoy your life. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Darkness dances as time in the still face of infinity. She infuses us with life worth living. She brings us meaning, depth and power. She gives us deadlines, challenges, and obstacles so we can grow, surprise ourselves and shine.

Darkness waits in the liminal spaces. The place where land meets water is a liminal space, a space with a personality and an agenda of her own.

She acts as a gatekeeper between the surface layers of awareness and the less traversed depths of our individual psyches. It is she who chooses when and how and why to open that carefully guarded threshold.

If we spend enough time at the edge of the water, she will consider this an invitation to splay open our souls, and we will eventually have to confront the unseen depths of our watery past.

Darkness promises this: that moment when resistance is futile will come. The fluid parts of our souls pull us into chaos, pushing us to look at all we’ve avoided, tossing us unwilling into waves of uncertainty and currents of dramatic change.

Darkness keeps her promises. And when she calls you, you must learn to swim in the dark mystery of possibility.


EilaCarricoEila Carrico grew up in rural central Florida, and her curiosity led her down a meandering path of discovery from a young age. She was inspired by her studies in journalism, anthropology and religion to travel around the world and teach in Paris, Ghana, Thailand and India. She studied Yoga and embodied archetypes for nine years before completing a master’s degree in Engaged World Psychology and then an MFA in Creative Writing and Consciousness in San Francisco. Eila is a weaver and wordsmith who delights in the mystery and magic of landscapes and memory. She lives in Berkeley with her partner and their baby boy, where she teaches Yoga and weaves stories. Eila’s first book, ‘The Other Side of the River’, will be published by Womancraft Publishing in early 2016. You could contact her via her website or Facebook.


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