The Energy Between Us Is A Cosmic Force. {poetry}


I read once that the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.
That the impression your mere existence leaves on another can do wonders.
It can dance freely on rooftops.
Solve the roughest of mysteries.
Answer the impossible.
Find valid truth when all is wrong and lost.
Make us second-guess what we’ve known all our lives.
Kick those old, nasty habits.

It can also explode and diminish.
Having the capacity to do so either slowly and achingly or instantly, painless.
Leaving us with absolutely nothing, not a trace.
Nothing except a painful void — lingering endlessly.
A void where the courteous Goodbye could have been.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this here secure, wonderful energy you left on me after I saw you there and we collided.
You know exactly what I’m talking about.

The energy both between and around us that perfectly intertwined into a flawless cosmic dance.

That energy is what gave me a winning ticket.
My winning ticket was an exciting validation.
That highly anticipated moment when everything matches up perfectly and you’re right there at the right time and it’s all happening finally, finally.

Finally, after all of the endless hoping and wondering and contemplating.
Wishing of a different reality than the one we are stuck in — a reality with different circumstances and scenarios.
Those awful late nights.
The downers.

I forgot something though.
I forgot about what these cosmic dances are really made up of in the end.
Truth is, they’re a lethal combination of starry, hot intensity that can disappear into nothingness at any time or place without warning.

They don’t care.
They don’t wonder what could have been.
They don’t worry about what is now lost.
They know their strength.
They’ll burn right through if you get too close.
They hurt.
They kill… but my God they’re beautiful.

Sometimes their glistening light will wither away from common explosions.
Bursting their enriched fragments into the dark skies.
Fragments containing everything they once were and once carried — but will never be again.

Remember when our mothers told us not to stare at the sun?
Sometimes all the knowledge in the world can’t stop us from steadily gazing at something so beautiful yet so damaging, simply because the destructive masterpiece is just so worthy of our attention.

This is where things will get hesitant and the stars will in turn become chaotic.
This is where the night skies will get distracted.
So incredibly vulnerable.

They become chaotic once their paths are blurred by endless amounts traffic and exhaustion and busy city lights.
Late nights and dancing and screaming.
Endless wondering.
These variables can go on and on — along with every other possible outcome that exists in this reality we all seem to be stuck in.

Are you listening to me?

These chaotic stars are what make me question the fate of the beautiful universe formed between us.

Although I know I am worthy of being embraced by your energy,
it’s true that your fire scares me.


MariaPassanantMaria Passanant is a writer based out of New York City, and currently finishing her BA in Journalism. She’s a little girl with big ideas — currently living and endlessly learning through inspiration, curiosity, experiences, creativity, and positivity. She’s a music enthusiast, and lover of many things like writing, sunlight, adventures, humorous situations, hiking, smiling, and passionate humans.


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