Love, Lies And A Sunny Disposition.

Deflate your bloated positive attitude, let yourself exhale.

Stop feigning a sunny disposition; it will not make all your dreams come true. You’ve been lied to. It’s time to move on.

It was never a question of Positive vs. Negative. Don’t get caught in the illusion.

Just because you’ve been taught that it’s a world of polarity doesn’t mean you have to believe it.

It’s not a world of Light and Dark because without light, there is no dark, and without dark, there is no light. Everything is one fluid sphere; it is only perception that creates duality.

In truth, there is no boundary; shore and sea are one coexistent entity.

This is not new information, yet we seem to go on endlessly ignoring — perpetually segregating, separating, fragmenting. Forcing ourselves to smile, turning on the lights.

You are told to develop a positive attitude and all Heaven will descend upon you. You want to eradicate the damning forces of negativity, you want to be free to see the sunny side at all times, you want to smile and chase rainbows all day.

Sure! Who wouldn’t want to live in this joyful scene day in and day out? But it’s fragile, you see, it’s breakable. Too many outside forces threaten its softness. Too many variables are affecting your joy.

This whole positivity culture is so illusory, glossed and false. It’s become too easy to fall into the trap of perpetual positive thinking, while ignoring the reality beyond what is currently in front of us.

It was never a question of Positive vs. Negative. It is always, and only ever, a choice between Fear and Love. And even this is only very slightly the truth; above all, there is only ever Love. And it’s the Love that transcends both sides.

Love knows only opportunity, in any and every situation. Love is joy, raw and powerful, delicate and whimsical, smiling through tears of seamless wonder.

Love builds faith in times of crisis. Love breathes hope in times of pain. Love knows tragedy is the birthplace of heroes. Love is the cry for solidarity in a time of social injustice. Love is the audacious laying down of your sword.

Love is the rain of forgiveness, and love is also the dry parched ground.

Love sees the pain and fear that fuels a negative attitude, and bleeds compassion for the aching soul, hiding underneath that scowl. But here’s the contrast, between love and positivity:

Love stays.

Love stays in the mud. Love sits with you in the darkness. Love knows the wealth lying at the bottom of the swamp.

The voice of love speaks goodness, compassion, and empathy, in every and all situations.

Love shines through the veil. Love transcends the illusion.

All your so-called negative thoughts are just pre-programmed concepts, and more often than not, aren’t even originally yours. They belong to your parents, your teachers, your doctors, your leaders. They are not yours.

You are a child of the Universe. You are a child of light. You are a being of Love. Don’t waste your time being any less than you are. There is not enough time on this tiny floating rock, hurtling through space.

If you’re here, then you’ve got a job to do. Do it well, and do it with love.

It’s not about changing your thinking with jazz hands and a smile. It’s about finding your beating center, the space in the middle that knows only trust… dreams only faith… breathes only truth.

It’s not about manipulating your mind, it’s about finding your feeling, and living there with fearless abandon.

You are Love. And that’s the only ticket beyond duality. So love your darkness as well as your light. Rest in the process of living. Delight in surrender.  Let yourself belong.


KatiBrickwoodKati Brickwood is an artist, healer, and ‘soul-journer’ of Earth. She lives by the sea, with her partner and two children.


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