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Listening: A Way Of Gifting Your Own Heart With Undivided Attention.

Conscious communication begins with mastering the skill of listening.

When listening, you give others a chance to be on the receiving end of your loving attention, which allows their subconscious mind to match your vibration.

While many evolving spiritual masters yearn to wake up so deeply that they’ll be able to levitate, walk through walls, or shapeshift, one of the most impressive demonstrations of awakened consciousness is the ability to listen.

An awakened being knows listening to be the most direct way to remind someone of their highest value.

Whether lost in the beauty of a lover or exchanging smiles with a neighbor, the gift of your attention remains an extraordinary treasure you are capable of offering just by observing the innocence around you.

Have you ever acknowledged the power contained in your loving gaze? Have you seen how quickly and effortlessly everything falls into place when you accept that everything is here to be blessed by the grace of your attention?

Once you realize this, the activity of witnessing the transformation of all occurs by allowing others to be heard.

When you are listening, you are no longer focused on what you think about things, or how they’ve been labeled, but on honoring the unique way such divine works of art have come to appear.

From this depth of awareness, you free yourself from needing to constantly prepare or rehearse your responses to what others are saying, since a greater willingness to listen to them is one of the most loving ways to engage.

This means you don’t need to know the answers to anyone’s questions, including your own, since the best answer is taking a greater interest in the questioner.

How profoundly would your life change if you no longer had to answer your own concerns or solve anyone’s problems? What if you simply listened and gave loving attention to whatever comes your way?

An overstimulated nervous system doesn’t allow you to listen without an agenda, since it causes you to feel as if you are someone who is unsupported, overlooked, and misunderstood on a regular basis.

This is often why human beings wrestle for control in conversations, or find the time to debate one another. If consumed in ego, it’s easy to feel as if no one is listening to you, no matter how much attention has been given.

Whenever you are in constant need of being heard, there is no ability to hear others or realize that you are the only one who can give yourself the attention your heart desires.

When anyone fails to give themselves the attention they seek, a feeling of being unsupported or misunderstood permeates their interactions.

As that occurs, they can be motivated to recruit others to provide the attention they deny themselves.

When two people come together in an attempt to get each other to offer a depth of approval that only comes from within, neither is listening to the other. This is how conflict is created.

In conflict, the end result is propelling the overstimu­lated nervous system into greater momentum.

On the other hand, when two beings view conversations as a way of gifting their own heart with undivided attention, by practicing to be a better listener to others, there is no need for conflict to erupt.

This is because both are aware of the fact that they are the only ones who are in need of hearing what­ever they have to say.

When human interactions become a way of practicing self-acceptance by treating others with more patience, kindness, and respect, a constant need to be heard shifts into listening as an act of love.

It is important to remember that your heart doesn’t know the difference between you listening to others and others listening to you. The more openly you listen, the more accepted your heart tends to feel.

As long as you develop the skill of listening, your heart feels safe to be open, even if others lash out in defense.

When listening becomes an act of self-love, a stunning truth is discovered. In ego, it is common to believe that someone else’s words or behavior is the reason you feel unaccepted, judged, or rejected. In reality, other people cannot affect you.

It only seems as if they limit your experience when you refuse to hear a point of view that doesn’t match your own.

The more you allow yourself to listen, whether you agree with anyone’s ideas or not, the less likely you feel rejected in the presence of another.

The catalyst of rejection is life’s way of reminding you how other people are not always created to treat you better than you treat yourself. Instead, they help you practice treating yourself better by how lovingly you interact with them.

This doesn’t mean you should pretend to enjoy the company of those who treat you poorly. Instead, it invites you to cultivate greater compassion for yourself by allowing others to speak their mind.

As the skill of listening is mastered, every heart is healed by the brightness of your being. When others have the right to speak, you inspire everyone around you to shine their light.


MattKahnMatt Kahn is an author, spiritual teacher, and empath. He is the author of Whatever Arises, Love That: A Love Revolution Begins with You (Sounds True, January 2016). You could contact Matt via his website.


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