Hope, Lethe, And The Angels Of Sleep. {poetry}

Lethe was the Greek goddess of forgetfulness and oblivion. She was the spirit of the river Lethe. Whenever someone died and went to Hades, they had to drink from the water so that they would forget their former lives when they were reborn.


Do you remember a time when you were truly happy?

Have you forgotten a song, a smell, a word that gave you hope?


There are billions of souls in this world. Each filled with an infinite amount of holes. Hurt. Tears. Feelings of inadequacy.


Regret. Remorse.


The world is full of keys and locks. Incomprehensible combinations of people, situations, feelings and (unavoidably) hairstyles. So what are you going to do?

This is not a love poem. This is a life poem. A hope song. A dream bird.

A whispered word that sets me free. How lucky I am to be me.

“Too often, the only escape is sleep.” ~ Charles Bukowski

When my soul is cold

On a warm summer’s night

When I crave the peace

In the hours before dawn

When I need the morning birds

To sing my heart alive

With their song

When the days get too long

And the sorrow too deep

I rest my head

Between the wings

Of the angels of sleep


As I close my eyes

I feel the imminent dayspring of hope

My unquiet restlessness subsides in the knowing

That the fire of my love will never stop glowing

I will not crumble under the iron fist of rejection, loss or my fears

I cannot any longer wash the feet of my demons with my tears…


Wrapped in sweet dreams of black and white madness

I dream that tomorrow,

The I miss you‘s will be less

And my cares will grow lighter

And the pressure in my chest less hyper

And I’ll breathe a little stronger

And I’ll smile a little longer


I know there is still so much life to embrace

And I know there is still so much pain to face

If only I could touch your skin

Hold your tired hands

On this helter-skelter journey of truth

We could find everlasting love

Taste it

Live it

Share it



Warm-hearted tenderness

The carry-you-on-my-back togetherness



I believe in the

Curing beauty of hope

When my heart sings the blues

And I cannot feel it

I search, and I search inside my darkness until I do


I have to…


Come as you are

And meet me there

Where hope flowers


We can love and bloom forever

We can love and make it through together.


We might be a little



and fighting to be free.


This song is for you.

Are you with me?


MaruleMacKayMarulé MacKay (pronounced ma-ROO-lay) is a baby from the dark side of the moon, who is in love with beauty. Everywhere. In music, lyrics, art. All around. She has a poignant romance with words and ideas, and uses these as the bricks and mortar of her dream world. She loves cream-dreamy chocolate. The smell of pine trees. The smell of the night. Leaves rustling in the wind. The wind, where voices become reality. She loves playing in the waves of the ocean. She thinks she may perhaps be a mermaid, craving subsurface silence. She is a traveler, foodie, explorer of emotions and mania, a sensualist by heart, and a friend of unicorns and rainbows. She has heart and love for all things. She is vulnerable yet with titan-strength, this allows her to live. Her desire is to share and connect with the restless and wild and sensitive bruised hearts of the lost souls. Make beauty, not war. You can reach her by email or on Facebook.


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