The Reasons I Write: Ode To The Pen In My Hand. {poetry}

I am writing so this nonsense in my head will turn into magic.

I am writing so that my hands have something fantastic to do.

I am writing so poetry will be crafted out of thoughts that felt like nothing, but turn into everything.

I am writing so music. I am writing so power. I am writing because love.

I am writing for the people who don’t know how to. Who haven’t been taught to.

I am writing for those who wish they could, but aren’t allowed.

I am writing for self-expression.

I am writing so I quit smoking, so I don’t start drinking.

I am writing for freedom of speech.

I am writing so that someday one of these pieces might mean something.

I am writing so my mind is cleared and my heart restored.

I’m writing because it’s the only thing I know how to do…

It’s not the only thing I know how to do, but I think I know how to do it pretty well.

I’m writing so I’ll read more.

I’m writing to inspire.

I’m writing so that when I write my lover love-notes, they will be carefully crafted and will hit her straight in her heart.

I am writing to be a better lover.

I am writing to be more graceful.

I am writing because frustration and silence. Sometimes, I don’t let this pain out of my throat just so I can keep you comfortable. I am writing to clear that pain.

I am writing because my dreams.

I am writing because you.

I am writing because I believe in language and words and beauty.

I am writing so that you will want to write too.

Write more too. Write more. Right wrongs. Sing songs.

I am writing because there is music inside me that is dying to come out.

I am writing because my will is great, and I think I want to show up for my Self.

I am writing because this is bliss.

I am writing out the way I want to be kissed.

I am writing so I use new words.

I am writing because Spirit is filtering through my fingers:

“Hello, Spirit. Thank you for being here with me.”

I’m writing because it’s fucking hard to write.

I’m writing because it’s really easy to write.

I’m writing because writing is a healthier addiction than most things I’m addicted to.

I’m writing because I didn’t think I could. sometimes I still don’t know if I can.

I am writing to imprint.

I am writing because there is something important hidden inside these bones.

I’m writing because I watched someone on a stage once, speaking their heart in rhythm and rhyme, and I was so hit by everything they said that something inside me said,

“Hey, Megan… I think you could do that too. Seriously, I think you could do that.”

I am writing because it pairs perfectly with sunsets and whiskey.

I am writing because my mother was a writer, and she was beautiful, but she put the pen down when the world got in the way. Fuck that:

I’m going to get in the way of the world.

I am writing because it’s my weapon of choice.

I am writing because I am bored.

I am writing because there is nothing else to do.

I am writing to hold myself accountable to something brilliant.

I am writing because I want to be brilliant.

I am writing because I want to impress the impressive and repress the repression.

I’m writing because I have nice things to say to you.

I’m writing because I like nice things. but not the kind that comes with a price tag.

I am writing because it doesn’t cost me anything besides time that I have

and I’m burning my time-money like the earth was in flames and we are all going down together.

I am writing because there is no time like the present.

I am writing because, when it comes to my heart, i have never understood the word Stop.


MeganMarieGatesMegan Marie Gates is a movement/Yoga teacher and sound artist split-living between city and forest. She is wildly inspired by creating conscious community, creative collectives, the beauty of humanity, and the reclamation of the healing powers of nature. For more info about where Megan Marie is roaming/playing/dreaming, follow her at her website or on Instagram.


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