Welcome Home. {poetry}

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are, and not be questioned.” ~ Maya Angelou (1928-2014)


… is the open heart of people who love.

It is the ship in which we travel

To seek our wildest peace.

It is the place where we find the ground to walk on.



… is an imperfect shelter,

It has visible flaws and tremendous voids,

It shows huge accidents of time,

Some premature wrinkles, and some timely ones.



… has no room for masks.

It forces us to be real,

While the world may not agree.

It pinches the deepest parts of our selves.



… wears a white dress with summer shoes.

It holds our hopes and keeps our youth.

It nourishes our flowers and heals our souls.

It keeps us from getting lost.



… is where we eat our comfort foods

And where we breathe the purest air.

It is where we go for warmth

In the coldest of all summer nights.



… has its own life.

It does not care if it is cold or hot.

It doesn’t deal with normalcy.

It just makes sure we are always we.



… is where we store what we call life.

It holds our games, our laughs, and our memories,

Our harmonicas, our words, our guitars, and all of our cries.

It safeguards the backbone of what our dreams are made of.



… breaks the gray silence

In which we tend to despair.

To give us a moonlit night

Where we can stare at nothing with the one we love.



… is a big box of strong emotions

In which we store our memorable kisses.

It is where our souls turn into spirits

And where every heart beats in unison.



… is the place where we keep growing.

It is where our hearts go to sing

So we can get the strength to take

Our safest steps and our riskiest smiles.



… is where it all collides.

It is where nights are the most active

And days are worth waiting for.

It is where many souls turn into one.



… makes us all truly humble.

It is where individuality gets threatened

And our wishes get shared.

It is where we stay strong by feeling weak.



… clears the path to the most profound happiness.

It breaks monotony in a rhythmic beat

That intoxicates our every breath.

It is where life gets sucked out of every day.



… brings out the purest essence of ourselves.

It makes us aware of what quenches our thirst.

It dilutes all demons and blinds all untrue sights.

It makes us happily cry in peace.



… is the falsetto of our existence.

It pushes our lives to the limit

And makes any pain bearable.

It thrives by torturing everything that makes us hurt.



… breaks our hearts into small pieces

So they can reassemble every night

And break again and again every morning,

While our bodies, astonished, just watch in peace.



… makes our voices beat in the most desperate of silences.

It echoes our loves, our pains, our angers, and our passions.

It kills every sign of indifference.

It is where feelings and emotions get confused.



… is where we feel most alive.

It is where we divide our strongest pains

And multiply our strongest joys.

It is where we sleep in peace and always smile.



… is where our loves bloom.

It is where our close-ones get closer every day

And our memories come to live.

It is where there is no room for sorrow.



… is where souls are indistinguishable.

It is a place just built for them

So they can dance and sleep together.

It is where people become a family.



… is where I’m with you.

And together we’ll always be home.


LuisLlamasLuis Llamas is an unpublished poet, an engineer, technologist, traveler, investment aficionado, road cyclist, amateur runner, gadget geek, and beginner photographer, in no particular order.


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