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Spiraling Wildly Towards A Mystery.


Some of us, at some point, made a commitment to Consciousness in this lifetime. To our Soul. To Truth.

If Consciousness, Soul, or Truth doesn’t resonate, go ahead and replace these with the words that are most meaningful for you, it’s important to do that.

We don’t really consciously know what we are getting into when we make this commitment. We don’t know we are stepping into this experience of spiraling wildly towards a mystery.

Towards something that both invites everything that is joyful and free in us, and also everything that terrifies us.

We just know that there is this inner driving force in us. We can’t not do this work.

We then start encountering people, paths, and processes that represent the lineages that are close to our Souls. We start to feel our ancientness. It feels like we are meeting our family, after so many lifetimes.

It doesn’t feel like another belief system, another club to join, another self-improvement plan. It’s more. You know it’s more. It feels a lot like home.

On some level, we feel: These people will help me remember. And I will help them too. I may not know how exactly, but I know. I just do.

And we grow to trust the pull of our mysterious magnetic inner knowing.

At times, the changes happen so fast that it feels like our heads are spinning. Like we can’t possibly process everything that is happening at the speed with which it’s happening.

And yet, at the same time, it can feel excruciatingly slow. The fears, the challenges, the wounds we encounter, can all feel like an exhausting endless loop. We keep meeting some of the same old places in us over and over.

When we have this feeling, it’s helpful to consider how many years and lifetimes you have unconsciously lived with these places inside you.

It’s helpful to realize that there are many layers, and each time you encounter one, you are going a little bit (or a lot) deeper. And that you are being invited to see a part of yourself with new eyes and, one hopes, with more love.

Self-love and self-acceptance are priceless companions in this journey.

You couldn’t do this before, you weren’t yet strong enough to start to feel it all. Not yet conscious enough to see the wisdom that it all holds for you.

But this time you are. You are strong enough. You have the ability to awaken huge amounts of awareness. It doesn’t always feel like it because you don’t see that you are not the person you were before. You had to sleepwalk before.

But not anymore. You have more power than you can imagine. It takes time to acclimate to this power. It’s natural to go back and forth for a while.

Step by step, we are meeting ourselves as someone new. Getting to know this new mysterious person. Constantly being asked to revisit and let go of the old persona.

And unlike the other times, this time we will be celebrated. Welcomed. Not by all, but by many. Before, we were ignored, marginalized, ostracized, punished,… and worse. But no, not this time. We will be seen for what we are.

We are the answer to a starving planet. A planet starving for Soul.

It is all so exciting. So terrifying. So confusing. So beautiful. So heartbreaking. So ego-challenging.

So everything.

So worth it.

The liberation out of smallness is worth it. To come out of being a closed flower hiding our perfume. Towards innocence flowering open. Releasing our deep essence. Our ecstasy.


LilaHarisLila Haris has transformed herself from someone who fearfully lived the stories around her to now birthing the stories inside of her. She loves resurrecting the richness from all parts of life. Even scavenging the dark tiny corners. Even the painfully awkward. Even the horribly traumatic. Her life experience has taught her that everything that exists has meaning, if you are curious and foolish enough to look for it. Lila offers healing sessions using a process called the Dalian Method. Connect with her on her website or on Facebook.


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