For My Women. {poetry}

Hello, lover,

your beauty could be described in the following ways:

like being touched by heaven,

like biting the bullet of every girl crush I had since Grade 8,

like shaky outrageous heart-whimpers.

how I contemplated you sideways, up-down-inside-out-ways.

how I felt my fingers trace your heart, and stood inside the howls that blossomed from your lips.

let me languish in your wild wonder —

how brave we are to love one another.

with just a sideways side-glance you have never stopped taking my breath away


and again

and again



Hello, mother,

without your body, your belly, your bliss,

I would have not come out quite like this…

whatever this is.

perhaps lovely (sometimes),

brave (for the most part),


a neo-jam dance party all day everyday.

I believe your rhythmic heartbeat put the dancing inside my feet.

I thank you for the lesson of eternal love and deep harrowing patience.


Hello, sister,

come closer.

Let’s arm-wrestle and thumb-war until we fall asleep together on the living room floor

with the prairie wind speaking bravely outside the door.

Let me help you reach when you’re not tall enough yet.

Let me advise you (perhaps poorly) on boys and girls and temper tantrums

and sex,

and how to wink at someone you like, and how to wear your heart on your sleeve before I forget how to do this myself.

Keep your eyes peeled if I lose my big sister stature;

help me find my way again.


Hello, my sister from another mister,

I remember the day we sat across from one another and I contemplated your radiance.

In a moment of enchantment we were wrapped around each others fingers —

giggles inside the forests of our souls, breathing and singing hope into one another’s throats.

You inspire me every day to be wickedly wild,

to be the best self that is my-Self,

to listen to my erratically truthful heart.

You are the penny to my wishing well,

you are the peanut butter to my jam,

you are the rock to my roll,

you are the space of contemplation between every breath I take.

I remain grateful down on my knees that you are here in this lifetime with me.


Hello, every woman in my world,

I think you’re all brilliant.

I have never seen so much fierce and vibrant light

even from the brightest star in the highest sky.

You hold a flame to every dark corner I’ve ever stood in, and I honor every bit of your warrior hearts.

Don’t change — you’re doing fucking beautifully.


Hello, every woman I haven’t met yet,

I want you to know that every moment of every day I stand in solidarity with you.

I am rooting for you.

I am holding great hope to watch you succeed in everything you choose to do.

You don’t know me,  but I got you.


Hello, Mother Earth,

your bounty blessings blessed me with the capacity to know/hear/see/speak/sing/dance upon your glorious body.

I hold your ancient wisdom inside me, and every day I pray in gratitude for your willingness to keep me safe, always adventurous and forever wandering.

My sisters of all races, creeds, colors, blood ties, love ties, religion, spiritual reflexes, thought processes stand tremendous on your soil. You are the bloodline that ties us all together,

our Mother.

Thank you for the lesson of forgiveness, of nurturing bliss.

Thank you for your majesty and the space to stand upon together and always seeking us out in our heaviest and confused buckling,

and consistently, continuously,

bringing us back to life.


MeganMarieGatesMegan Marie Gates is a movement/Yoga teacher and sound artist split-living between city and forest. She is wildly inspired by creating conscious community, creative collectives, the beauty of humanity, and the reclamation of the healing powers of nature. For more info about where Megan Marie is roaming/playing/dreaming, follow her at her website or on Instagram.


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