When Something Is Good, It’s Never Gone.

I do not tend to lose much without purposefully doing so.

Yes, you could call me a sentimental hoarder, a self-protector, or just someone with a strong sense of what is mine. That, however, would be futile.

This has very much to do with my careful upbringing, which has developed into a somewhat deeper trait, one which now cross-sections many parts of my existence.

If I find a handwritten card, whose words have depth and meaning, I like to re-read it and keep hold of that particular advice and any related thoughts… possibly memorizing those words or framing the card.

Then, take friendships. Every one of them has a foundation, and depending on what underlies that connection, will friends come and go? In the new dawn of social media, these friendships can be rekindled and re-nourished.

No longer do we have to search data records, or write to a TV show to be re-introduced. We have the power to make that move to be in that friend’s life again!

Moving up North, the phrase I often hear by my new family is Nothing lasts forever. I challenge this.

A memory, a disposition, a photo, a voice, a video, a remark, a painting, a legacy… we all have wonderful ways to leave an imprint for another person, or the world.

The major component of my psyche is recall, and I urge you to tap into this as well. Who made you the person you are today? How did you get to where you are today? Why are you at this place today?

And what you do from this point onward has all to do with these remembrances.

I must have spent one decade without purpose. That changed with a separation of geography. All of a sudden, I remembered that I could act, I could write, I could draw and paint.

Was this done in a past life or this life? Hell, it was this life! Simply put, When something is good, it’s never gone.

Perhaps an unlikely quotation found in World in Motion by New Order, but it has certainly had a profound impact on my self-awareness.

Pah! to our disposable society; I see and know far and beyond this. My vision is that everything matters, and nothing has a sell-by date.

With this comes a certain responsibility of being the best version of ourselves, and not beating ourselves up when we cannot achieve perfection… only being able to explain our human actions.

As I start to have the courage to cross that invisible bridge in my head — once a barrier, now a link to the next level — I will remember what I have, the good others have given me, and I will have reverence for what I have not lost.

And, if some of those people are already on the other side, I will hope that I can remind them of what once was, which, of course, means what could be again.

I will take care of all that is dear to me, as I live this life, so that it can be re-used and re-developed to the full. This is the way, I know.


Keri FranceKeri France is a sensitive and strong soul, who believes in the power of creativity for personal growth. Originally a southerner, she has returned to live in Manchester, after 19 years, and has found a new confidence since her relocation.


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