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The Tragedy Of Being Cool.


Dropping the act is probably the best move you can make when it comes to letting go of the ego.

There is a toxic mindset that many in our growing world are inevitably caught up in, which is immensely prohibiting our growth. It’s the mindset that truly prohibits my dream world, a world where people feel free to express themselves fully, without fear of judgment and ridicule.

This mindset exists in the majority of us at one point or another. This mindset, I’m quite embarrassed to say, is being cool.

It’s quite tragic, isn’t it? Knowing that the light and love that exist within our pure souls are being diminished in order to maintain a meaningless behavioral standard.

What does ‘being cool’ do for us anyway? What is the draw?

Unfortunately, all of this lies heavily on our attachment to image, appearances and perfection. All of this lives within the realm of the ego. In order to drop the act, we must do what many are struggling with today — release our relationship with the ego.

This is a struggle for many, because releasing the ego also involves becoming more vulnerable, more raw, and more true. All the traps we have carefully set up for others to keep away from us will come crashing down, leaving the world merely a step away from our exposed, bare souls.

No matter how scary this may be, nothing is scarier than the true force of the ego within us. It is the one that pulls us in all directions. The ego confuses us with believing that things have to look a certain way, they have to be a certain way and act a certain way, otherwise they are not worthy of our attention.

We then perceive them as being weird, and unlike us. This, in turn, leaves room for our extreme mockery and judgment of all beings and ideas that do not coincide with our idea of what is right or cool.

Perhaps I am merely a wild dreamer, but what if everyone dropped the current game they are playing, only to open up and embrace each other with endless compassion and love in its place? Imagine how much room we would have in our hearts and lives without the tiresome devotion to this game.

Dear ones, we are bigger than this. I look at this world and the people in it as infinitely beautiful sources of energy — a colorful array of light and love. However, when I perceive the way we behave, I see that it is a trap. A trap of the ego in which our souls — our true beings — are fighting, to break free from it.

How immensely refreshing would it be if everyone were to allow themselves to be honest, true, and open. How different would our world be if, instead of identifying with cool, we could pride ourselves in being compassionate towards all beings and open to exchange love and truthful interactions with all.

What would we unfold about our ‘true selves’ if we were to ease away from being the image of perfection society would like us to be?

Girls, what if instead of limiting yourself to being pretty, well-dressed, sexy, or skinny, you could simply be genuinely loving, kind and compassionate? Boys, what if instead of limiting yourself to being macho, rich, or popular, you could simply allow yourself to be open, genuine, and maybe even emotional?

I’m telling you, you don’t need to like that band your friends all pretend to love. The genre of music you enjoy to listen to is just fine. Realize how small these things really are. It simply doesn’t matter; the music you listen to and the food you like don’t define your soul.

Your soul is defined by the love you give, the empathy you hold, and the kindness you have for others. These sacred acts could outlive your being, these acts will carry on with you through your next life. The other things, the small stuff, these will just keep your soul occupied until you are ready to progress.

Value love.

Value compassion.

Value loyalty.

Value truth.

Value honesty.

But please, quietly discard your praise of being cool. This is a disgrace to the depths of your pure soul.

Open your mind, and your heart, to recognize that your attachment to this act will only prohibit your soul’s purpose and limit the depth of your relationships, because being cool does not involve loving with a full heart or an endless devotion to those around you.

Whilst being cool, you are much too involved in perfecting the way you behave and the way you speak, the way you dress and the way you talk.

Beautiful enlightened souls, these petty things are not worthy of your attention. Your soul would appreciate the uplifting change of dropping the act, and instead, inviting a whole lot more space to experience the realms of your true self. I dare say, being cool is no longer cool.


BrookeTurcatoBrooke Turcato is currently an English student at Mount Royal University, Calgary. She believes in fairies and nymphs alike, and is highly inspired by travel, crystals, and Yoga. She is an aspiring writer and avid dreamer. She likes frequent trips to the mountains, and will never tire of watching Charmed. She finds comfort in her words, and her joy in expressing them. She hopes to reach fellow truth-seekers and believers through sharing bits of her own experience.


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