Even Rebels And Revolutionaries Need Routine.

There has been a noticeable swing lately. A change in the conversation. A rift in the rhetoric. A divergence in the discussion.

For the first time and all at the same time, I hear many of my friends and clients — commonly known as digital nomads or location independent entrepreneurs and workers — enduring this perpetual relocation regime rather than reveling in it.

My brave fellow cubicle survivors who tolerated, one final time, the deadening phrase that rings through so many offices, tearing into the hearts of the inspired, the creative and the innovative — That is just the way things are done around here — before they catapulted off to find themselves and change the world.

Rebels and revolutionaries fighting for a new world order through constructing a whole new professional paradigm, one keystroke at a time.

In this brave new world of entrepreneurship that many are exploring, their hearts are on their sleeves, their passion is out there. They are pushing against the boundaries.

A new paradigm is emerging in technology, consciousness and business, and it is allowing them to build businesses that are reflections of who they are and what they love.

This new professional paradigm they are striving for? A world where work is freeing and fun, where business and art and activism and spirituality and technology all come together to support freedom, connection, self-expression, social conscience and change.

These people engage in business for creative social enterprise, pushing for positive social impact and seeking to earn a meaningful, dignified living rather than a decadent profit.

And it’s exciting.

And it’s inspiring.

And it’s tiring.

The adventurous tales I am hearing about at the moment are of yet another flu picked up at the previous airport lounge; a night in feverish exploration of the local hospital while fighting off a deadly parasite; one more night of staying up late, answering questions from the kind inquisitive host in the latest exotic foreign city; a few extra down days adapting to the upside-down time zone and wearily tolerating daytime excursions with aforementioned hosts while surreptitiously rubbing bleary blood-shot eyes and stifling yawns.

My response? Routine. This word is so hateful to many of us who aspire to live or already do live this way that I have to say it again… and in bold: routine.

But… but… but, they cry, there is nothing routine about me! Routine is ordinary, and I want nothing of such a life!  And anyway, did you hear what I just said about what my traveling life looks like? How does routine fit in there?!

So, my friends, let’s revolutionize the routine. Let’s creatively and rebelliously fashion a transcontinental, transportable, convertible routine. Let us devote ourselves to finding fortitude amidst the flight-fatigue, harmony inside the hustle, clarity among the commotion and rest in the middle of this revolution.

Even this itself is a rebellious act in our current society. Why? Because tired people can be manipulated. Tired people are fearful. Tired people can’t manage their emotions. Tired people impulse-buy. Tired people give up. Tired people yield.

We want to challenge the status quo?  We must be mindful, and we must be awake.

We need quiet.

We need meditation.

We need routine.


MiraRaoMira Rao coaches, consults and collaborates with the bold and the beautiful — emergent businesses, creators, entrepreneurs, and lifestyle-seekers — to craft a world where work is freeing and fun. Her passion-fueled, professional purpose is helping these rebels and revolutionaries catalyze their vision through establishing rock-solid daily routines (spiritual and secular), developing intelligent marketing strategy & business systems and unleashing severe creativity to shape their audacious businesses and lives. She also writes (a lot) about the creative magic and spiritual awe available in every single tiny moment of life. She passionately believes in the magic of synchronistic moments, and that when observed in this way, every day is an adventure, sometimes joyful, sometimes difficult, but always meaningful. Her blog documents her everyday adventures in living a spirit-supported, curious and creative life.


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