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This Tricky Mind Of Mine, I’m Going To Let It Shine.

{Photo credit: Adriana Arzeta}

{Photo credit: Adriana Arzeta}

How do you treat your mind? What things do you fill her with? What words do you speak to her? Do you trust her? Do you love her?

Sometimes my mind is like a beloved child of mine. It needs constant care and reminders of how much it is loved, valued and treasured.

Sometimes it plays nicely, finds the beauty in every single thing, and is in awe at the wonders and blessings life offers. Other times though, it pouts, complains, screams and stamps her feet in anger and discontent.

Ah, these temper tantrums she has!

They exhaust me, and many times make me feel like turning my back, but then I remember this sweet child of mine inside and I cuddle her, whispering kind words, telling her about my unconditional love for her until she falls asleep.

Tomorrow will be a better day, we say to each other, holding hands, holding on to hope.

In these tricky days, I take deep breaths and practice self-care, nurture her, let her cry if she needs to, and set some boundaries too. I know it is not good for her to get lost, I know she’s got this, she’s got it all, if she wishes so.

I know her value, I know her worth and infinite potential, so I let her know it is time to get back on track, be brave and face life, but only when she is ready. The time will come, it always does.

What’s wrong, my darling? What ghosts of the past are haunting you? What do you want? What do you feel? Where is it hurting? What brought you here?

It’s that pain that doesn’t let her see how wicked she is, how wired in the wrong way.

I untangle with affection those knots, give her the compassion, kindness and love she was denied before, and let her speak the words, speak up, raise her voice. The voice of her own, with thoughts of her mind.

There’s always a way, and I’m my own savior, liberator and knight in shining armor.

This tricky mind of mine — my most beautiful darling — and I will defeat shame and guilt, any abuse, labels, judgments, any hardships in the past, present and future. Together, we are invincible.

I don’t know how your treat yourself, but I know how much I neglected, said mean, cruel nasty comments to myself on a daily basis, for a very long time, hurting myself deeply, wounding myself painfully.

If you are like me, you know these kind words and treatment don’t come naturally, but let’s not live in torture trying to fit in, feeling inadequate, full of shame and guilt, repressing, hiding who we are, limiting our lives.

We can be brave and strong and look under the bed and open closets to see the reality of things; no ghosts or demons there, it’s all within. Let’s not fall for the tricks that our minds sometimes play on us.

The truth is, we carry a light and galaxies of stars inside. Let’s keep away from an imaginary hell, let’s walk with our chin up under the light and away from the shadows.

{Photo credit: Adriana Arzeta}

{Photo credit: Adriana Arzeta}

We won’t believe all the secrets, stories and lies we believed once. Our minds will get wiser if they are synced to our hearts.

I come to my mind’s rescue with EFT exercises, relaxation techniques, meditation, a book, or simply a cup of tea.

I do something that makes me happy and cheerful, like talking to a good friend, dancing to my music, write or paint, and Nia is always heaven-sent. Sometimes I need to go further and find the right professional help.

Some days my mind opens up and shines her light, but other times she hides and curls up. I let her rest, and try again later when she is calmer.

The trick is to never abandon our precious selves, be our own best friends, always be there for ourselves when we feel we are not worth it.

Find those things you like to do, even those guilty pleasures we have. If they help free your mind, go for that, but always get a shower of a thousand  affirmations of your worth and a heartfelt declaration of your essence and your beautiful soul, because that is what your mind is craving for — your self-acceptance, your own reassurance, that Darling, it is fine coming from your caring heart.

{Photo credit: Adriana Arzeta}

{Photo credit: Adriana Arzeta}

We can humor ourselves, but at the same time we need to take us seriously, considering what needs to be addressed, letting out what presses on our chests, crushes our souls.

Hope you join me in my road to recovery, loving healing and enjoyment whatever way and path you decide to take, but stop hurting, stop the pain. Love yourself!

Let’s point to the stars, to the sun and the moon, dream big, fill up our hearts with gratitude, and trust in our higher power.

I let it connect with me — heart, spirit and body — saying gently: “One love, baby, it’s always one love. And lovely we are, indeed. I wish a rain of wonders and blessings falling on you with that self-love filling all your being. Make your intentions, let yourself be, grow and bloom, believe in yourself. One love, that’s it, one love, my dear.”


AdrianaArzeta02Adriana Arzeta is a passionate Mexican artist and community worker, who was adopted by Canada 11 years ago. The culture shock, the experiences in a less sexist and a more free life, and a loving and fantastic Universe, gave her the chance to finally own herself and play the main role/protagonist in the story of her life. She is growing older and wiser, and is a crazy dancer, mother of two humans and two canines. She surfs the waves of life with enthusiasm, compassion and acceptance, and avoids any judgmental tides to keep away from drowning as she knows that’s just her own insecurities floating around. She paints every day, loves, plays and works hard, and fights against depression in Kamloops, BC. She is a member of the Glow Street team. You can contact her via Facebook.


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