Moments Of Truthlessness. {poetry}

We live in a world of smoke and mirrors, where truth is veiled and what is seen is merely what others want us to see or what we choose to reveal to the world.

Truth, honesty, and transparency are the forgotten words of an ancient language in a culture hidden by obscurity. Today we say things like Truth is relative, We received misinformation, and We couldn’t reveal the truth for your protection to utter falseties and avoid responsibility.

Actually, I would much rather feel the pain of honest words than be comforted by lies. Even still, sometimes truth is used to twist truth, and we have to be careful of not just what is true, but how it is used.

Sometimes, when the facts aren’t clear and the lines are blurred, when life isn’t so black and white, we need to look beyond the shades of gray to find what really matters.

Below is a series of poems I wrote that reflect the damage lies can do and, with time, may offer hope for recovering from the devastation and learn to trust again.


Where Truth Lies


Beneath the words

Filled with deceit

Lies the truth



Often when

The facts are veiled

Never was

The truth inhaled



With fingers crossed

Creates a place

Where trust is lost


Promised changes

Vowed in vain

One half story

Twice will stain



Within the guise

Behind our tongues

Is where truth lies.


Forgotten Words


A broken chord lay on the floor.

Forgotten words were said no more.

The tempest swell has slowly died.

So too the love as truths were lied.

When shattered mirrors reflect the vows

We seek the Why’s and Where’s and How’s.

No answers and no grand Aha’s

Just vain regrets and human flaws.

Dividing rooms of many years

Is tearing hearts and splitting tears.

We say goodbye with hugs we fake.

Now time to learn from our mistakes.

No easy path when parting ways.

Just hope to heal and better days.


Truth be Told


Right and wrong aren’t so black and white

and life is painted shades of gray.

Where black can fill the darkest heart

Or be the tie that gives away.

If white, the hue of truth be told

It’s worth not questioned why.

Will it be so beautiful

When covering a lie.

When we find ourselves in doubt

Where black and white make gray

Change the palette of your life

Bring vibrancy to your day.

Live with purpose, act in love

These are pigments that are true

Shine their light upon your choices

Let them color what you do.


Words are powerful things. They can hurt or heal. The power of words lies in the heart of man. How we choose to use them is up to us. Will they be wielded like a two-edged sword to cut to the truth, or be thrown up like a barricade to hide behind? May we always be conscious of our conscience and be conscientious with our words.


JimWernJim Wern is a renaissance man in a modern world; a spiritual traveler, searching for vestiges of the divine in humanity and imparting seeds of hope in a desolate world. He is a husband, father, friend, mentor, creative, tech geek, amateur writer, photographer and chef. His ramblings can be found at his website. He lives in sunny Southern California with his beautiful wife of 31 years.


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