I Don’t Love You. {poetry}

I don’t love you

With a fairy tale love anymore,

Or the sweetness of the first Parisian kiss,

And the crawling of the passion after staring at you.

I love you

With the bitterness left behind

in the shadows of our peaceful pasts.


I don’t love you

Because of your beautiful eyes,

The most stunning anyone has ever seen,

Or your perfect body that shakes my very core.

I love you

Because the moonbeams have migrated away

And the wicked game took their place.


I don’t love you

Because of your lyrical hair

That frames your perfect face,

Or the way you pull your shoulders back when you walk.

I love you

Because your soul can puncture mine

In a way that brings me back to life.


I don’t love you

Like one loves the wildest passions,

In the sunniest of spring-lit dawns.

Or because I can’t sleep when I think of you.

I love you

Like one loves the air we breathe

Or the hummingbird, its violet rays.


I don’t love you

For the fear of falling for you

Or the scary thought of losing myself in you

Because my heart beats at the rhythm of your words.

I love you

As the night loves its star-filled sky

Or the poor child loves her only toy.


I don’t love you

So I can hold your waist next to mine forever

And I can kiss every nook and cranny of your perfect body

While mine just shakes in disbelief.

I love you

So I can caress the back of your knees

While I stare at your fervid elbows.


I don’t love you

Because Bob, Carlos, or Pablo sing for you.

Or every Violet flower reminds me of you

Or because I cry every second I’m not with you

I love you

Because the night feels like a void when you’re not here.

And my eyes can only stare at yours.


I don’t love you

Because my senses get heightened at the mere thought of you,

Or because my heart cannot beat if it isn’t for you,

As my soul shines in anticipation of the presence of yours.

I love you

Because a snowflake blinds my wait,

And the morning dew fertilizes my thoughts of you.


I don’t love you

With the hopes of spring to bloom,

Or the meteor shower that brightens the darkest night,

During the pressing passion of a hot summer evening.

I love you

With the clarity of the distance between us

And the interlocking of our tied-up hearts.


I don’t love you

Because your breasts wake every vein in my nerves,

Or your lips make my taste buds sing,

While your perfect legs invite me to walk next to you.

I love you

Because the view of your back

Makes me cry and want to run after you.


I don’t love you

With my everyday tears

Or the strength that keeps me alive,

With the passion in the battle of my words.

I love you

With all the pain I can’t remise

As this love is real and it hurts.


Because I love you like love would love itself.


LuisLlamasLuis Llamas is an unpublished poet, an engineer, technologist, traveler, investment aficionado, road cyclist, amateur runner, gadget geek, and beginner photographer, in no particular order.


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