Let’s Go Back There. {poetry}

Let’s go back to that place

Where I’m not dragging any chains

No more failures, no more mistakes

There are no judgmental eyes

Just the air asking us to fly

Where everything matters,

Where I’m who I want to be

Life calls us to be our best selves,

To be happy with we have done

Yes, let’s go back there

Where we can have our hearts opened

We are not afraid anymore to fall

Life is just one moment in time

Where faith is no disillusion

We’ve learned not everything goes our way

No, we cannot control all around us

But where we are following our hearts.


Let’s go back to that place

Where I get connected with myself

Where the gentle breeze

Surrounds us, under our old tree

Where nothing else matters

Just a moment for us

Where silence is our witness

Something new is born

Yes, let’s go back there

Where you and I get lost again

In our endless dreams

Where the moonlight

Illuminates the ideas

Where everything seems reachable

Where all seems more real

Everything is possible


Let’s go back to that place

Where the flames of my soul begin

Anxious for some adventures

Where there’s no limit

There’s no breaking point.

Where there are no distractions

Just the silence and my reckless heart

Where the sky and the earth are one

Green pastures under the sunshine

Yes, let’s go back there

Where there are no rules

Just passion and desire

Where the heart commands us

To do what we feel

Where our art is our compass

Leading us to this place


Let’s go back to that place

Where all the worries disappear

Traveling to the unknown, with no concerns

Where nothing else exists

Just freedom and our beating hearts,

Where happiness seems more real

Because all is left behind in the past

Random thoughts screaming to get out

Yes, let’s go back there

Where we feel like ourselves

Where there are no secrets

Where there are no limitations

No more knots in our throats

Where art sets us free

Where the ideas just flow

Taking me to a place called home


Let’s go back to that place

Where a pencil and air are all I need

Where fantasies come to live

Where I don’t feel lost

Because I’m where I belong

This place has become my home

Where I find myself

I’ve been lost for so long

Yes, let’s go back there

Where I’m reborn from the ashes

Recycling every feeling and emotion

Because everything is meaningful

Where there’s no wasting time

Every single thing counts

Where I get released from mistakes

Because the past has been left behind


Let’s go back to that place

Where we can get lost in the moment

The peaceful place of my solitary nights

Where deafening silence

Bring calms to my uneasy thoughts

Where the soul is free

Because the heart has no pain

We are not here in vain

Yes, let’s go back there

To our favorite escape

Where the stars collide

Where hope arises again

In a sea of possibilities

Where you — my restless mind — and I are one.


NathalyDulantoBernuyNathaly Dulanto Bernuy is a student of business school, cartoonist, poet, writer. She is just a girl with dreams, trying to change the world through art. She could be contacted via her blog.


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