Making Ecstatic Mountains Out Of Molehills.


I’ve always had this gift (curse?) of making something small and enlarging it, expanding on it, embellishing it. Stretching it for miles and miles.

I did this with situations that were painful for me. Creating all kinds of fear scenarios. All kinds of stories. Rolling them around in my fearful worried head. Hanging on to it for as long as I can.

What used to seem like a bad habit, I’ve made it into a gift now. I’m now making mountains out of what feels good. Taking tiny beautiful moments and pulling whole universes out of them.

The way the air feels on my skin. The feeling of the floor I’m sitting on as I write this. How it feels to hold the pen I’m writing with. The textural sounds that silence makes. The sound of the heated air coming out of the vents. When I wash dishes, the texture of the plate, the way the water caresses my hand.

I collect these moments. As if they are shiny gold pieces and the brightest ruby and shimmering emerald stones. Treasures often found after digging through the mud.

The more ordinary, the better.

And it’s not some plan on how to be more present. It’s just noticing that some things feel really good. If I let them. If I give myself permission to indulge it as much as I want.

Letting myself swim in it.

Letting life in.

It’s all so incredibly alive. So much so, that sometimes I wonder if anyone has ever exploded from the hugeness of it all.

And the world… well, so much is happening, isn’t it? But I keep coming back. Back to here.

I’m sharing this especially for those of you who have a sense that you are here to help. How easy it is to confuse helping with carrying the world on our shoulders. Taking on the suffering of others.

But really, it’s only you that you need to save. In that saving, you recover your true self. And in letting yourself be alive as who you are, it creates powerful ripples. Those ripples travel to the places they are most needed.

And without our effort, they do exactly what needs to be done.

To me, this is what it means to be of service. Being in service to our aliveness. Do you feel it? How the world is just aching for aliveness?

Every moment you gift yourself soulful pleasure, you gift it to the entire planet. Yes, all of humanity, but also our beloved Earth herself.

In my personal connection with our Momma Earth, I’ve noticed she doesn’t seem to care so much about my carbon footprint or joining a cause in her name. She is not interested in being saved.

In my ecstasy, I can even hear her sigh sometimes… as if to say, “Ah yes, that! Right there! Yes, thank you!”

So, you see? Our work doesn’t always have to feel like work. We are just growing our beautiful inner swirly and pulsing light and allowing it to shine itself brightly.

Yours in shiny ecstatic light,


PS: This opening to ecstatic feel-goodness can also bring moments of agony. We start feeling the entire spectrum of our inner landscape. The agony has its own uncomfortable and strange richness and beauty.

I will write about the relationship between these two in a separate article.


LilaHarisLila Haris has transformed herself from someone who fearfully lived the stories around her to now birthing the stories inside of her. She loves resurrecting the richness from all parts of life. Even scavenging the dark tiny corners. Even the painfully awkward. Even the horribly traumatic. Her life experience has taught her that everything that exists has meaning, if you are curious and foolish enough to look for it. Lila offers healing sessions using a process called the Dalian Method. Connect with her on her website or on Facebook.


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