When You Smile. {poetry}

I can’t help but smile with you.

You collapse all my strength

And take full control of my soul.

Your smile drives the beat to my next breath.

It makes me sing.

It makes me focus on your lips.

When you smile, your eyes smile,

They just explode in an impossible beauty.


Nothing is as powerful as your smile.

It brings out your powerful beauty,

It highlights your strength,

And it shows a glimpse into your soul.

It says what other people would shut up about.

It opens doors, roads, and worlds.


The sun turns off to watch you smile,

As if embarrassed for not warming the world enough.

The sky melts down and breaks apart in disbelief.

The moon and every star take a peek

During the daytime to witness

That unbelievable grandeur that your smile is.

Your smile saves my day

And makes my night.

It gives me light when it’s dark

And dims the blinding lights of the world.


Your smile breaks my impenetrable husk,

Like finding the tiny slot in a pistachio shell.

It just cracks me open and makes me be a part of you.

My body shakes

And my eyes stare every time you smile.

I get aroused.

It turns me into an animal that needs to kiss you,

Hug you, and run my fingers all over your body.

It makes my tongue want to wrestle with yours for hours.


Your smile is genuine,

It is happy,

It shows your unmatched inner beauty,

The only thing that surpasses your amazing presence.

Your smile speaks to me like a guru.

It tells me to be alive and touch you.

It encourages my senses to focus on you.

It makes my heart choked up.


I can smell your smile light years away.

I can touch it, I can taste it.

Your smile has a life of its own.

It stops the clock and my heartbeat.

Your smile makes me fall in love with you

Over and over,

Deeper and deeper,

Closer and closer, every time I see it.


I was reborn when I saw your smile for the first time.

It made me go back years

To remember the happiest of happy.

To see your smile is to experience perfection.

Artists, writers, painters, poets, and gods

Wish they had your smile to inspire them.

I am the luckiest because I do.


Your smile makes me tick,

It makes my heart beat,

It makes me feel alive.

Your smile makes me want to cry

With the most joyful of cries.

It feeds my spirit and makes me want

To make you smile forever.

My mind craves your smile

Like a little kid crave his candy.

My bloodstream is full of your smile,

Like Ichor in god’s veins.

It pumps into my heart

To bring life to every corner of my body.

It is in the oxygen I breathe

And the water I drink.

When you smile my world regains

Its peace and I realize why I exist.


I would give my life just to see you smile.


LuisLlamasLuis Llamas is an unpublished poet, an engineer, technologist, traveler, investment aficionado, road cyclist, amateur runner, gadget geek, and beginner photographer, in no particular order.


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